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Westpac Online Banking

Being a part of the ‘big four’ banks, Westpac bank is one of the biggest multinational financial services company in Australia. It offers their customers with online banking facility and innovative financial packages to suit their specific needs. Westpac bank has a branch network with 1200 branches and 2800 ATMS. Dow Jones Sustainability Index recognised Westpac bank as the most sustainable bank in the world for five years in the row, until that title was taken by the ANZ in 2007. The bank is the second biggest institution for consumer banking and second largest business banking lender. The bank is operational in other countries such as Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands, Tonga, China, Singapore, Philippines, USA and Great Britain.

Services Offered by Westpac Online Banking:-

  1. Transfer money from one account to another.
  2. Easily check your balances
  3. Pay your bills Online (such as power, telephone, gas and hire purchase)
  4. Do you banking transactions online
  5. Apply for home loans, mortgages, credit cards, investment loans, personal finance
  6. View your transaction history and print statements
  7. Overseas banking services

You can have access to all your accounts and transactions. For example you can view your last month or any other older transaction. Also you can plan your future data transfers to six months in advance. If you have applied for a loan then you can view your current interest, current balance, all repayments details.You can customize the settings according to your needs. You also get e-mail alerts about latest updates about your bank.

Register for Westpac Online banking

Registering for Westpac Online banking is very easy. To apply for Westpac online banking go to their website. If already registered for telephone banking, then you can easily register using your customer number and 3 digit code. If not already registered, then call 132 032 and receive both a customer number and access code. You can now log on to the main site. On the sign in page select Westpac Online Banking. Once done you can sign in using your customer number and access code. The fees charged by them is 20$ per overseas payment. 35$ per overseas payment cancellation and 5$ per bank cheque.

Safety and Security

Westpac Online Banking provides a safe and secured platform to manage your money online. Anybody either a student or professional can seek this service. You can manage your investments and money in an efficient way. The online banking services can be accesed not only by people who has taken a loan from Westpac but also by people who hold Westpac Credit Cards. Westpac Online Banking Security is guaranteed with the Westpac Protect SMS Code which allows you to increase your daily transfer limit up to $10,000 AUD and also alerts you to any unauthorized online activity. You can easily view your online bank accounts in Australia and overseas and other details safely and securely.

Choosing to use this bank is advantageous as it provides a very secure, stable and efficient service. After all any banking customer can ask for is the safety and security of his money. For more details you can login to http://www.westpac.com.au/personal-banking/westpac-online/

Westpac Bank

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