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Westpac Home Loan Application Form

Filling up the Westpac home loan application form is a simple process which takes hardly 20 minutes. The form can be filled up online and submitted to the Westpac bank without the need to go the bank personally. The bank would then get in touch with you. In order to complete the application form and to avail the home finance you will have to fill in the following:

Particularities of the Westpac Home Loan Application Form

  1. If you are a salaried individual you will have to mention your monthly salary (net and gross amount)
  2. If you are self employed, then you would have to give the income figures from your last two years tax returns
  3. You will be asked your employment number
  4. You will have to fill in your current employer's details mentioning his/her address and contact number
  5. If you have not remained in the current job for more than three years then you would have to provide the bank with entire details of your previous employment
  6. Driving license number
  7. Current account number of Westpac bank (If you are an existing customer)
  8. If you are not residing at your current address for at least three years you will be required to give the details of previous address
  9. Entire details of assets and liabilities including vehicles, insurances, bank accounts and shares should be given
  10. If you want to apply for a defense service home loan then a Certificate of Entitlement must be given
All the residents of Australia are eligible to apply for home loans, Investment property loans, Equity access loans and Defense service housing loans. This form should not be filled up if you wish to avail the same for a business purpose. For more on different kinds of home loans applicable to you, you can contact on the number 1300 130 961. Once you submit the Westpac home loan application form, the bank's sales representative will give you an acknowledgment call within 24 hours. Before submitting the application form you will have to agree to their declarations and authorities.

In order to know more about Westpac home loan application form and to fill up the form click on the following link:

http://www.westpac.com.au/internet/publish.nsf/ Content/PBHLHCAL+Your+application

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