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Wells Fargo Online Banking

Wells Fargo Bank is a leading financial solutions provider in the United States as well as in many other countries of the world. This is reckoned in very high esteem along with other prestigious financial institutions in the country such as the Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and Citigroup. In terms of the assets under its kitty, it is the fourth largest bank in the United States. It offers wide ranging facilities to the customers, including online banking services. With all the tools available before you to conduct any financial transaction, Wells Fargo Online Banking provides ease and accessibility to all your accounts with it. This is a very safe way of smooth and hassle-free transactions between accounts. This saves valuable time of the account holders and makes the process of financial management convenient & easy to handle.

The Global Finance Magazine has awarded this financial institution as the Best Consumer Internet Bank and Best Corporate/Institutional Internet Bank in North America for the year 2010. The ranking was done on the basis of certain parameters such as strategy for attracting & servicing online users, web site designs & functionality, variety of facilities offered, evidence of tangible benefits gained from internet initiatives, growth of electronic users, and the success in motivating clients to use web offerings.

The flawless electronic channel of this bank well supports the core values of banking by allowing the users to transact anytime, anywhere to meet their financial requirements. The Well Fargo Online Banking services have been in vogue since 1995. In fact, it was the frontrunner in the United States to provide free internet banking facilities to the people. With innovation-driven strategy and support from the consumers, these high-tech offerings have been hugely successful for it. Presently, there are 17.9 active e-users and 4.1 active mobile users of this financial institution.

Wells Fargo Internet Banking

As far as these electronic facilities are concerned, Wells Fargo has been a vanguard. Before the spurt of internet, Wells Fargo developed a software-based PC tool. However, it was only able to introduce these latest technology-enabled services in a full-fledged manner in 1995. With the introduction of latest technology, it was able to reorient itself and developed new tools for its clients. Apart from the PC access, mobile banking is the new addition to the e-facilities provided by this financial entity. In a nutshell, these new-age facilities of Wells Fargo have become indispensable tool for innumerable individuals who are not in a position to visit the local branches on a regular basis.
These latest technology-embedded offerings by this financial conglomerate allow the individuals to access all their accounts online with this organization. Without visiting the brick and mortar branch, they can do transaction within seconds. They can make online payments, transfer money, view electronically-generated statements at any time of the day or night.

The top ranking of this financial institution in online services has been because of the many tools it offers to the users. Some of these tools are briefly described below.

My Spending Report with Budget Watch

This is a patented and free online management tool. This categorizes transactions made by the customers. This is indeed helpful because this enables the customers to track their spending category wise. This also helps the customers to curtail their spending. This is also helpful for the account holders to create a budget and monitor its progress all through the month.

My Savings Plan

This is indeed a very good tool for the savings account holder with this bank. This enables them to set definite goals and save towards that end.

Smarter CreditTM center

This is a smart online resource for the aid of the account holders. This helps them to take smart decision regarding credit. Whether you are establishing credit for the first time, curtailing debt, seeking more credit or want to protect credit for the long term, the information available in the Smarter CreditTM center comes very handy.  

Wells Fargo MobileSM

This enables the account holders to connect to their accounts with mobile. They can be connected through text messaging (93557), mobile website (wf.com) and through downloadable apps from smartphones. The site wf.com can be accessed through iPod Touch, iPhone, BlackBerry and AntroidTM. Once you log in to your account, you can make online payments, check your account and transfer money to other account. You can also get the information about nearest ATM.

CEO Mobile service

In order to provide mobile banking services to corporate, commercial and institutional customers, CEO Mobile service was introduced in 2007. These clients can connect to cash management functions from meetings, airports, across town or around the globe. This saves valuable time of the corporate users.

Commercial Electronic Office

The Commercial Electronic Office opens up a wide variety of options to the customers. The options include investment advice, cash management, health benefit facilities, trade services, foreign exchange, credit and trust. This service is indeed popular among the business houses.

Security/Fraud Prevention

Wells Fargo Bank is very serious about protecting valuable customers' information as well as to check frauds. The Fraud Information Center in the public website of this financial institution aims at creating awareness among the people regarding frauds and provides useful fraud prevention tips.

Online Services of Wells Fargo Bank

Below here we provide you brief descriptions about some of the online services offered by this bank.

Online account

Now the users do not need to visit the branch. Rather with the click of a mouse, they get to know their account details. All types of transactions such as payments, deposits, withdrawal can be verified. Apart from these, other important information such as the rate of interest offered for a particular financial instrument can be known through online banking.  

Online Statement

This is a very well secured and fast-generated service. It helps the customers to get rid of the paper statement. Once you log in to your personal account, you can see the online account statement. This is as good as paper document. This can be furnished for the record keeping and taxes. All these services are provided free of cost.

Savings Plan

The online offerings help the users to formulate the future savings plan. The regular and updated reports of spending help them to formulate their subsequent moves regarding savings. Apart from these, various customized services can be ordered online. These customized services may include overdraft protection request, request for changing the existing address of the account holder and reordering of checks.

Wells Fargo Bank

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