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UOB Home Loan

UOB home loan or the United Overseas Bank home loans are provided to its customers with a view to provide affordable housing to all. That is why, the bank has given out a number of home loan packages to its borrowers. Whether it is for buying a new house or refinancing an existing loan, or loan required for renovation purposes, furnishing a house etc; the UOB home loans fulfills all the housing related needs of its customers. The bank grants around 90% of the value of the property and also gives a very flexible repayment option.

UOB Home Loan Package

  1. Private Residential Home Loan Package
  2. UOB HDB Home Loan Package
  3. UOB Maxi Mortgage Protector Package
  4. Commercial Property Loan
  5. Home Construction Loan
  6. International Home Loan>

The UOB housing loans were first started in Malaysia and Singapore. After the success of home loans in these two countries, the UOB bank introduced the same in other branches across the world. The bank was first established in Singapore and it had its second branch in Malaysia, which is why they also started giving home loans from these two branches initially. Let us look in to the different home loan packages given out by the bank in detail.

  1. Private Residential home loan package: This package is given for a residential house of your own. This house can be a flat or an apartment or a villa, according to the choice of the customer. You can avail 80% of the actual cost of the property and also sets very flexible repayment options. The bank provides the loan with attractive interest rates whether you want to buy a new property or refinance existing home mortgage.
  2. UOB HDB home loan package: UOB loan is approved by the Housing and Development Board of Singapore. In order to qualify for this home loan you must be a citizen of the country and at least 21 years old not more than 70 years. You must have a monthly total household income of more than S$8,000. You get all the concessionary rates applied by the HDB Singapore.
  3. UOB Maxi Mortgage Protector Package: The UOB maxi mortgage protector protects your house against any of the unexpected events in life. It acts like an insurance on the home loan and takes care of the housing loan if you are really unable to repay it back.
  4. Commercial Property Loan: Financing a place for any of the business ventures is now made easily possible with the help of the Commercial property loan. You can can finance up to 70% of the purchase price or valuation of your property in UOB commercial property loan package. The added advantage of the commercial property loan is that it does not charge anything as processing fees on the home finance availed.
  5. UOB Internation home loan: If youbare buying overseas property in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand or Shanghai, China you can get in touch with UOB home financing team. You can buy a overseas residential property and enjoy a tailored home loan package.

  1. Home Construction Loan: If you wish to build a house of your own dreams, then the home construction loan is the best suited home finance scheme for your house. The bank gives loan for purchasing the property and for construction purposes also.

UOB Home Loan Rates

UOB home loan interest rates are charged differently for each package mentioned above. However, the interest rates start with 2.75% for the first year, 2.99% for the second year and 3.75% for the third year. For current rates, you will to contact the bank personally as the interest rates are subject to change without giving any prior notice. The bank renews its rates every financial year depending on the condition of the market.

UOB Home Loan Calculator

The bank also provides UOB home loan calculator with the help of which all the estimated repayment amount can be calculated well in advance. The UOB home loan calculator helps you to give a rough idea on the repayments. Depending on the amount shown in the calculator you can decide whether to increase or decrease the loan amount you have thought to apply for. Please note that the amount shown in the calculator is just an estimated amount and not the actual amount. For actual amounts, you will have to contact the bank personally.

UOB Home Loan Plus

In order to qualify for a UOB home loan plus program you must be a Thai national with a minimum salary of THB 30,000 per month. You must have at least two years of work experience in a reputed organization and three years of work experience in case of self employed individuals. The age of the applicant as mentioned on the application form must be 21 years or more. The home loan plus program of the UOB group gives 75% of appraised value. You can choose from a fixed term loan, overdraft credit line or a combination of both.

For more information on UOB home loan, interest rates or the calculator, you can log on to the link given below:

http://www.uob.com.sg/personal/loans/index.html .

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