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UOB Home Loan Calculator

The UOB home loan calculator is a multipurpose tool with the help of which you can not only calculate the estimated repayments on the housing loan acquired but can also plan out your finances in an proper way. The UOB home loan calculator would require you to mention your monthly income, monthly expenses, size of the family, rate of interest applicable and the period till which you need the housing loan. The UOB bank has given out three calculators. They have been mentioned below:


Maximum amount loan calculator

As the name suggests, the maximum amount loan calculator calculates the maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed by a customer. This again depends on the borrower's monthly income and expenses. You will have to enter the monthly gross income, expenses on liabilities such as car loans, personal loans, renovation loans, other financial commitments may be towards child's education or marriage, age at the time of availing the housing loan and the repayment period in years.


Loan Refinancing calculator

If you want to refinance an existing loan which has been availed by a different financial institution then you can do so with the help of refinance loan. You will have to mention the current loan amount, your age at the time of application, repayment period in years, current interest rate and the home loan package you wish the choose. The calculator will let you know the repayment after refinancing a loan.


Loan Monthly Installment

This calculator is the most used calculator as it gives you an estimated figure on the monthly installments that have to be made after availing a home finance. The minute you click on the calculate button, the estimated repayments will be displayed on the screen.


Home Equity Financing calculator

This calculator is useful when you need to know the amount of your property which can turn into cash.


Stamp duty Calculator

This calculator will be useful when you need to compute the payable Stamp Duty. You have to fill the purchase price and the calculator calculates the payable stamp duty.

The UOB bank's consumer loans inquiry hotline number is 1800 222 2121. You may call them at this number and find out anything about home loans. The customer service center would also assist you in case you find any problems in calculating the repayments.

In order to calculate the repayments on your housing loan, you can log on to their website or click on the link given below which would take you directly to UOB home loan calculator.

http://www.uob.com.sg/personal/loans/property/uob_home_loan/calculators/calculators.html .

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