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UOB United Overseas Bank

United Overseas Bank was founded in the year 1935 in Singapore. It is headquartered in Singapore and and excels in providing financial services to all its customers. As of 2009, the UOB has a net income of almost S$2.539 billion and the figures go up with each day. It is the third leading bank located in Singapore. After establishing itself as the largest financial service provider in the country it has been quite successful in opening branches in almost most of the countries of Asia. It has also opened other bank subsidiaries which are, Far Eastern Bank of Singapore, PT Bank Brana and PT Bank Indonesia. After the acquisition of all these subsidiaries in 2001 it was declared to be the largest bank in the country to offer customer loans such as home loans, student loans, education loans, car loans and a number of credit cards for its customers. Also, it is the largest bank because of the market capitalization owned by the UOB group.

Branches of UOB bank

The United Overseas bank has its branches in almost the entire continent of Asia. Its head office is located is Singapore and has branches in locations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, China, Australia, Bangkok, Brunei, Berhad, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Shanghai, Johar Bahru, Pattaya and Phuket. UOB bank has also entered the west by opening its branches in USA such as New York, Canada and Vancouver. The bank is also present in London, Switzerland, Tokyo in Japan etc. UOB has opened ATM centers in all the prime locations as well as other locations. You can find at least a few ATMs in shopping arcades, Universities, airports and stations of each city. The opening hours of the bank is at 9.30 am from Monday to Friday and they close at 5.00 pm. However, the bank opens at 9.00 am on Saturday and closes at 12.30 pm the same day.

Careers with UOB United Overseas Bank

UOB is a premier bank in the entire Asia Pacific and it looks out for all those individuals who want to make a career in the banking sector. It offers recruitment programs for fresh graduates as well as professionals. It also offers internship programs for various under graduate students and provides extensive training in the banking related transactions. Interested candidates can apply for to the UOB directly by sending them an online application and your resume. In case there are any vacancies suiting your profile, the concerned department will get in touch with you. All the current vacancies are updated on their official website. You can even go and have a look at the vacancy suiting your qualifications.

UOB Bank Internet Banking

With the help of United Overseas Bank Internet banking service you can access your account online via the Internet. It is also called as Personal Banking service. All you need to access this personal banking service is a valid and a unique login id and a password so that you can sign in to your account and perform the desired banking transactions.

The UOB bank assists you in maintaining your account online. You can avail the following services :-
  1. Check your credit card bill status
  2. Make payments, check account status
  3. Check balance, view transaction history
  4. Apply for a mortgage, apply for credit or debit cards
  5. Find out foreign exchange rates or currency exchange rates
  6. Transfer funds from one account to the other.
  7. Monitor accounts for suspicious activity
  8. Request new chequebooks
The bank provides 24/ 7 internet banking facility and all account related information like Account Services, Funds Transfer, Bulk Services, trade Services etc. The user has to fill a form which he can download from the bank's website and after filling up all the desired details in the form he can register himself for online account. After he is registered he can login to the webpage witha unique login id and password. All the online transactions are completely safe and secure and you need not worry about your information being passed on to a third person. The customer service of UOB bank is always present to assist you at any time.

UOB Credit Cards

UOB bank recognizes the varied interest and lifestyle of people. In order to match all of them, the bank has given out ten credit cards, namely UOB Preferred Platinum, MIDAS Club, UOB One Card, Lady's Card, UOB Visa/Master Card, Club Plus, UOB CIMA Gold Master Card, UOB SEGI Master Card, UOB VOX Card, Visa and Master Card Promotional. In order to apply for a UOB credit card, you will have to fill up an application form available at the UOB bank. The card does not charge anything at the time of joining, however, the rates applied on different cards are different. The application forms can also be downloaded from their website and mailed to the bank's center. The customer service department would let you know about your application status. Generally, it takes only 24 hours for your credit card to get activated. Credit card payments can be either made by visiting the bank or even with the help of Internet banking facility. The bank does an extensive promotion of its credit cards all over the country so that more and more people are able to live a life of their choice.

UOB Bank Home Loan

United Overseas Bank provides a number of home loan options for its customers at exciting interest rates. To start with, it has the Intelligent retail loan, Intelligent home loan, Flexi Mortgage, Easy cash, UOB international home loan, UOB iHL Premium and Overdraft. Along with it, the bank also offers repayment choices suiting each individual. You can talk to the UOB home loan expert to know more on various home loan package, repayment methods, interest rates and savings on housing loan availed. You can also use the UOB home loan calculator in order to calculate the estimated repayments. Application form for home loans are available at the bank's center. You can also download the same from their official website. The home loan specialists will get in touch with you once they receive your application form. UOB home loans were first started in Singapore and Malaysia and later extended to other branches in Asia.

Swift Code of United Overseas Bank

Swift code is a unique code given to each and every financial institution in the world. It is a code which identifies and differentiates each bank from the other. It is very useful when you have to transfer funds from one bank to the other. Moreover, it comes very handy when this transfer of funds happens between two different countries. The swift code is generally of 8 to 11 characters. The swift code of UOB is UOVBSGSG. This code is a standardized code approved by the ISO which determines safety and security of banking transactions.

You can call up the UOB customer care hotline number at 1800 222 2121 in case you are calling locally, whereas other international callers can dial (65) 6222 2121. These numbers will be answered 24 hours at any time of the day. For more information on the UOB bank you can log on to their official link mentioned below:

Contact Address
United Overseas Bank Ltd
80 Raffles Place,
UOB Plaza,
Singapore 048624

http://www.uobgroup.com/ .

United Overseas Bank

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