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UCO Bank Home Loan Rates

UCO bank home loan rates are available in two types. One is the floating interest rate and the second is the fixed rate of interest. The home loan customer has the liberty to choose any of the interest rates and also shift from one rate of interest to the other. Let us look at these UCO bank home loan interest rates in detail:
  1. UCO Bank Home Floating Rate of Interest

    Up to 10 years Above 10 but up to 20 years Above 20 years
    8.25% per annum 8.75% per annum + 9.25% per annum +
    +4% BPLR 3.50% BPLR 3.00% BPLR

  2. UCO Bank Home Loan Fixed Interest Rates

    Up to 10 years Above 10 but up to 20 years Above 20 years
    12% per annum 12.25% per annum 12.75% per annum
The rates mentioned here are applicable on a UCO bank home loan of up to Rs 30 lacs. A minimum of 2.5% more is charged for housing loans more than Rs 30 lacs.

The maximum repayment period is 25 years however, the entire loan has to be paid off before the applicant reaches 65 years or the age of retirement or whichever is earlier. The bank gives flexibility in repayments by adjusting the EMI Equated Monthly Installments. If a customer wishes to repay the loan within a period of three years then a minimum of 2% is charged as pre payment charges. You can also avail insurances on your housing loan under the Griha Raksha Yojna program of the bank. Under this scheme, the bank grants protection after any kind of death from Rs 5 lacs to Rs 100 lacs. The maximum amount of home finance provided in urban, metros and semi urban areas is Rs 100 lacs and for renovation it is Rs 25 lacs. In rural areas the maximum amount of home loan given is Rs 25 lacs and for renovation purposes it is Rs 8 lacs. The rates mentioned here is subject to change any time without giving any prior notice.

For more on UCO bank home loan interest rate, you can log on to their official website. The link given below guides you to the same.

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