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Suncorp Home Loans

Suncorp home loans provides different kinds of home finance to its new as well as existing customers. With a wide range of housing loan plans, the customers can choose from any home loan suiting their needs and budget. It has home loans for first time home buyers, housing loans for those who want to invest in to property, home finance schemes for those who want to upgrade their present house or renovate the same and home loans for refinancing a present loan availed by some other banking institution.

Suncorp Home Loan Interest Rates

First home buyers get an assistance, in order to help them out with their deposits. For example, if the value of your property is around $2,00,000, then with the help of Suncorp deposit kick start you can borrow a maximum of $2,30,000. This amount is 110% of the original applied amount. The bank also gives a low deposit option and finances up to 90% of your home loan. The only condition is, that you will have to repay both the amount, the actual loan amount, interest rate as well as the deposit amount. Apart from the home loan amount, there are other costs also that you need to plan for. Availing a home loan does not end the journey there. You will have to keep some cash in hand for stamp duty, legal fees, property valuation, building and pest inspection and lenders mortgage insurances. It is always better to be sure of all the extra charges as well as the different interest rates well in advance instead of planning for it at the last moment.

Once you are sure of the home loan amount, rate of interest and have no problems in repaying the same, you may call the bank at 13 11 55 and apply for a housing loan. The bank officials will either ask you to fill up the application form online or approach the bank for an application form. After an initial review of your application form the bank officials will get in touch with you. You can book a meeting with the home loan specialists wherever at your convenience. The home loan specialists would visit you at the time convenient to you. Suncorp home loan also helps you to calculate the estimated interest rates and the loan tenure with the help of home loan calculator.

Suncorp Home Loan Calculator

Suncorp bank has given out an important tool called the Suncorp home loan calculator with the help of which, calculating the estimated repayments has become very simple. The calculator can be used online on their official website. All you have to do is enter the loan amount, the loan tenure and the rate of interest applicable. Once you click on the calculate button, the estimated repayment will flash on the screen.

Their customer service number 13 11 55 is available on all the weekdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. If the bank does not get in touch with you after your application is made, you can call the bank and know about the status of your application. Each home loan applicant is given a unique housing loan code to differentiate their home loan from the others. For more details on Suncorp home loans, you can log on

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