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Suncorp Home Loan Rates

Suncorp home loan rates are applicable to personal as well as investment purposes by an individual. It charges different kinds of interest rates and offers flexible repayment option as well. The interest rates charged by the bank are as follows:

1. Standard variable home loan: 5.80% p.a
2. Variable rate: 5.22% p.a
3. Bridging loan: 5.95% p.a
4. Asset Line: 5.80% p.a
5. Ready access: 5.90% p.a
6. Professional asset line: 5.70% p.a
7. Professional access: 5.40% p.a

In case you opt for a fixed rate home loan then the charges that would be applicable would vary on the basis of years.

Fixed Interest Rates

1. 1 year fixed rates: 5.59% p.a
2. 2 years fixed rates: 5.69% p.a
3. 3 years fixed rates: 6.39% p.a
4. 4 years fixed rates: 6.99% p.a
5. 5 years fixed rates: 7.74% p.a

In the standard variable rate of housing loans, the added features that you get are: the offset facility, ability to split the loan in different repayment options the variable interest rate and the fixed rate of interest. The repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or on a monthly basis. The Suncorp group charges an extra amount if you wish to repay more than the required amount of your home loan. The minimum repayment of any amount of loan is $1000. Please note that the rates mentioned here are subject to change without giving any prior notice. Therefore, you can call the bank on their number 13 11 55 to know the current interest rates applicable. With the help of the home loan calculator, you can also calculate the repayments you will have to pay in course of time.

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