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Suncorp Home Loan Protect

Suncorp home loan protect, as the name suggests provides protection against the housing loan applied. You can't always predict everything in life. Sometimes, life turns towards some unexpected events which out of our control and is not in our hands. But, we can at least prepare for such events that are up to our reach. Owning a house is indeed the proudest moments of our lives and buying the same is a crucial decision. It is sometimes challenging in two ways one in a financial way and secondly in an emotional way. That is why, Suncorp home loan has come out with Suncorp home loan protect which provides home insurance on housing loan applied. Suncorp home loan protect takes care of your home finance after you are diagnosed with severe illness and are not able to work any more or an untimely death. It provides a waive off on maximum amount possible and helps its customers to face the burden of the loan together. It does not leave the customers in the middle of their problems. Suncorp home loan protect can be applied by new customers also who are applying for a new home finance. It is also applicable on existing customers who have already availed a housing loan through Suncorp Bank.

Features of Suncorp home loan protect

  1. Lump sum payment is allowed if you have a terminal illness or if you die
  2. Suncorp home loan protect covers from $50,000 to $1,00,000
  3. It also offers a discount of 10% for joint policies
  4. In order to take the policy, you need not go through any medical check ups
  5. Australian residents get a guaranteed acceptance
The premium that you will have to pay would differ from individual to individual. There are certain factors that it focuses on. They are, the age of the person, gender, status of smoking and the home loan amount applying for. You will have to fix up an appointment with the bank officials. You can either visit them at your nearest Suncorp bank center or can call them home to visit you. They would visit you at your convenience. You can also call them on their number 13 11 55 to know more about Suncorp home loan protector or home insurance.

For further information on the Suncorp home loan protect you can also log on to their official link which is given below:
http://www.suncorp.com.au/Suncorp/personal/ home_loans/home_loan_insurance.aspx .

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