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Suncorp Bank

The Suncorp bank of Australia is the country's leading bank in banking, investment, insurance and superannuation. It provides a variety of banking products and services that include all types of loans home loans, car loans, other personal loans, credit card, foreign exchange, savings, margin lending etc to its customers. The Suncorp bank is also the third largest insurance group in Australia that covers commercial as well as personal insurances. It currently has more than $13 billion in funds and is the fifth largest financial institution in the country. It serves nearly over 8 million customers, small and medium enterprises as well as rural enterprises in rural areas. It has a staff of more than 18,000 employees working and giving the best possible services to the rest of the nation. The bank not only operates in Australia but also has its operations going on in New Zealand. The Suncorp is also called the Metway-Suncorp because of its merger with Metway Ltd.

Also Suncorp Bank has one BSB number which is 484-799. It is a six digit number used for identification of australian banks and branches. It is used while transferring money between accounts.

Branches of Suncorp Bank

Suncorp bank has its branches in Australia and New Zealand. Branch locations are situated in cities such as Adelaide, Brisbane, Beenleigh, Sydney, Hurstville, Melbourne, Townsville, Toowong, Robina, Rockhampton, Canberra, Beenleigh, Perth, Penrith, nsw and in Queensland. It has a wide network of branches as well as ATM centers. It has nearly about 232 retail outlets in Queensland, and is currently extending its branches specially in Western Australia. Suncorp ATMs are present in almost all the cities of the country that can be accessed at any time. The bank constantly strives in extending its reach to other places in Australia as well as New Zealand. The bank's head office is located in Brisbane, but has a number of branch offices operational from the places mentioned above. The opening hours of the bank is 9.00 am and they close down at 5.00 pm.

Internet banking with Suncorp Bank

With the Suncorp group Internet banking facility, banking is much simpler. It allows you to perform all your banking transactions online. To register for the same all you need is account number, email address and a telephone access code. Then you can register yourself by going on Suncorp Metway website. If you have any queries related to transfering funds, security issues etc you can easily go to the FAQ section of the site and can have a better understanding of the whole process. The online banking system is made tamper proof and thus assures its customers that banking is happening in a safe and secure environment. Suncorp servers is encrypted and secure and provides extra security protocols. With the help of this Internet banking facility, customers can:-

  1. View transaction history
  2. Transfer funds from one account to the other
  3. Pay all the credit card bills and other bills online
  4. Manage your savings account.
  5. Transfer funds overseas
  6. Effectively manage all your accounts in a secure and easy way
  7. Apply for loans and credit cards
In order to be eligible for all these online transactions, all you require is a unique login id and a password. This login id would help you to login to your account and perform the desired banking transactions. In case of any queries, you can contact the bank either on their website or call them on their number 13 11 55. The bank keeps all your accounts confidential.

Careers at Suncorp

The recent merger with the Promina Group has brought together Australia's leading financial institutions together. The bank offers a wide range of employment opportunities for freshers as well as professionals. A career at Suncorp promises a great future.

It invites applicants for jobs in various departments such as the IT, human resources, finance analyst, banking, customer care, market and communications, project management, insurance specialists and risk management. You can get into graduate programs offered by Suncorp to expose yourself in various business areas and give your career a leap towards success. In order to know the interview process and dates you can either call the bank personally or post your resume on their website. Once you post your resume, the bank officials will get in touch with you after a few days. You can also find the position of your application online. Suncorp bank also emails jobs to your personal account. For this, you will have to be a member of the bank and sign in to job alerts program on their website. This not only makes your task easy but also gives you a sense of belonging.

Suncorp bank term deposits program

You can opt for a Suncorp bank term deposit program if you are ready to invest somewhere between $1000 to $10,000. This locks your money from the first month till the fifth year. The bank does not charge anything as part of transaction fees. The interest rate paid at a maturity of 7 months is 4.50% p.a, at 12 months it is 5.00% p.a, and at 36 months, it is 6.50% p.a. The term deposit consultants will tell you more on their term deposit program. The S&P has rated the bank's credit rating as A1 as it has an unchanged subsidiary on insurances. With the help of foreign exchange calculator, you can calculate the exchange rate applicable on your currency.

Suncorp bank swift code

Suncorp swift code is a unique code given to each and every bank all over the world. This is a standardization code which identifies the bank. It is very helpful when you have to transfer money from one bank to the other. Overseas transactions are made hassle free with the help of swift code. Generally, swift code is of 8 to characters. The Swift code for Suncorp bank is ULSBIE2D.

Suncorp Metway Insurance

They are the biggest general insurance group and provides their expert services in car insurance, home and content insurance, life insurance, travel insurance etc.To lodge a claim, you can visit the website of the bank where all the products and its description are mentioned. You can call on the number 13 11 55 or visit the branch in case of any queries.

Home Loans by Suncorp bank

Home loans offered by the Suncorp bank are given for first time home buyers, property investors, buying another house, renovation of a house and even for refinancing a current housing loan. It offers variable interest rate and fixed rate of interest. The interest rates are dependent on the home finance amount and the repayment period.

Suncorp Bank Credit Cards

Suncorp bank offeres five types of credit cards which can be put to any personal use. They are Gold credit card, Platinum credit card, Plus credit card, Business credit card and Standard card. In order to choose a suitable credit card, you will have to contact the bank and fill up an application form.The bank officials will inform you about the credit limits applicable on your chosen credit card. With the help of online banking facility, you can also pay your credit card bills online.

For more information on Suncorp bank, you can log on to their official website or call on 13 11 55 http://www.suncorp.com.au .

Suncorp Bank

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