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State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) is a part of the prestigious State Bank of India. It is one of the best scheduled commercial banks in India. The corporate headquarters of SBH are located in Hyderabad.

About State Bank of Hyderabad

State Bank of Hyderabad is an affiliate bank of the State Bank of India Group. The bank has a significant presence in India and is known for its efficient performance and superior quality of services. It started its operations as Hyderabad State Bank in 1941. It was founded in accordance with the Hyderabad State Bank Act, 1941. The managing director of SBH is Mrs. Renu Challu.

In 1956, there was a merger between Hyderabad State Bank and the Mercantile Bank of Hyderabad. The name of the bank was changed to State Bank of Hyderabad in 1956 and it came under the direct control of the Reserve Bank of India. SBH has won many accolades during its journey of 69 years.

SBH officially became a part of State Bank of India in 1959 and it is the biggest affiliate bank of the State Bank Group. It is also the first subsidiary bank of SBI. All the branches of SBH are core banking branches and offer a comprehensive variety of products to the customers. The customers of SBH have accessibility to the cutting edge technologies such as ATMs, Internet banking and so on. The bank has a countrywide presence and carries out its operations with over 1,000 branches.

Products and services offered by State Bank of Hyderabad

Listed below are the innovative products and services offered by SBH:


Term Deposit Schemes

  1. Sri Venkateswara Pranadana Scheme
  2. Sri Venkateswara Nitya Annadana Scheme
  3. Short Term Deposit Scheme
  4. Special Term Deposit Scheme
  5. SBH 1000

Current Account

  1. SBH Power Pack
  2. Savings Bank
  3. SBH Power Gain
  4. SBH Power Jyoti
  5. Current Account

Term deposits qualified for Income Tax Benefit

  1. Recurring Deposit Scheme
  2. Fixed Deposit Scheme
  3. Super Saver Term Deposit Scheme
  4. S.B.H Multi Option Deposit Scheme (M.O.D.S)
  5. TAX Saver Scheme
  1. Recurring Deposit Plus Account (RD+)
  2. Senior Citizen Scheme
  3. Savings Plus Scheme
  4. SBH 500
  5. Policy on Bank Deposits


Personal Advances

  1. Demand Loans Against Pledge Of Gold Ornaments
  2. Housing Loan Scheme
  3. Varun Mithra (Rain Water Harvesting Scheme)
  4. Udyog Bandhu Scheme
  5. Mortgage Loans
  6. Overdraft Against Pledge Of Gold Ornaments
  7. Loans against NSCs/KVPs/IVPs
  8. Housing Loan For NRIs
  9. Personal Loan
  10. Adhyapak Suvidha Scheme
  11. SBH-Rail Plus
  12. Loans Against SBI Life and LIC
  13. Kanya Vivah Suvidha Scheme
  14. Educational Loan
  15. Loan To Pensioners
  16. SBH-Sanchar Plus
  17. SBH-Journalist Plus
  18. Vanitha Gold Scheme
  19. SBH Paryatan Scheme
  1. Scoom (Two Wheelers)
  2. Purchase of Cars
  3. Software Professional Plus Scheme
  4. Credit To Credit Card Holders SBH C3 Scheme
  5. SBH Loans To Family Pensioners
  6. Education Loan Plus Scheme
  7. Personal Computers
  8. SBH Rakshak Scheme
  9. Loan Against Term Deposit Receipts
  10. Cash Key
  11. Coaching Plus Scheme
  12. SARAL Loan Scheme
  13. Advance against Shares & Debentures
  14. Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme
  15. Personal Loan to Trainees for Pilot Training Programmes and Air Hostess Courses
  16. JNNURM Loan
  17. SBH Fast Credit Scheme
  18. Pension Loan to Affluent Pensioners
  19. SBH Tax Suvidha Scheme

Commercial and Institutional

  1. Take Over Of Advances - Trade & Services
  2. Rent Plus Scheme
  3. Total Package For Financing Traders (TPFT)
  4. Vehicle Loans To Corporates
  5. Merchant Banking
  6. Take Over Of Advances - Other Than Trade & Services
  7. School Plus
  8. OverDraft/CashCredit To Contractors

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

  1. Charter for SMEs
  2. Special Services To SME Borrowers
  3. Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme For Micro and Small Enterprise
  4. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme
  5. Plan Scheme of Technology Upgradation/Modernisation/Setting up/Development of Food Processing Industries.
  6. KVIC Margin Money
  7. MSME & PMEGP CARE Centres

MSME Schemes

  1. Mortgage Loan
  2. General Purpose Term Loan
  3. Laghu Udyami Credit Card
  4. Construction Equipment Loan (CEL)
  5. SME Car Loan
  6. Transport Operator Finance
  7. Tourism Finance
  8. SME Credit Plus
  9. Artisan Credit Cards
  10. Commission Agents Finance
  11. Rice Mill Plus
  12. Swarojgar Credit Cards
  1. Cotton Ginning Plus
  2. Dall Mill Plus
  3. Hotel Plus
  4. Liquid Gold Plus
  5. Contractor Plus
  6. Doctor Plus
  7. SME Smart Score
  8. School Plus
  9. Stree Shakti Package
  10. Automobile Dealer Finance
  11. SBH OTS - One Time Settlement

Agricultural Advances

  1. Loans against Warehouse Receipt of Cold Storage Units/Godowns/Private Warehouses
  2. Crop Loans Scheme
  3. Financing for Rural Godowns
  4. Loans against Warehouse Receipt of National Bulk Handling Corporation Ltd (NBHCL)
  5. Financing Tenant Farmers & Oral Lessees for Raising Crops
  6. Financing for Construction of Farmers' Godowns
  7. Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Commercial Production Units of Organic Inputs
  8. Assistance for Boosting Seed Production
  9. Agricultural Term Loan Scheme
  10. Capital Investment Subsidy for Construction/ Modernization/Expansion of Cold Storage and Storages for Horticulture Produce
  11. Vehicle Loans (two wheeler) For Farmers
  12. Finance For Tractor & Power Tiller
  13. Gramin Bhandar Yojana Scheme
  14. Minor Irrigation - Dug Wells Scheme
  15. Development Of Old Well Scheme
  16. Cold Storage Finance
  17. Finance For Purchase Of Land For Agriculture
  18. Financing For Drip Irrigation System & Sprinklers
  1. Jewellery Loans to Farmers
  2. Land Development Finance Scheme
  3. SAHAYOG Niwas
  4. Gram Niwas
  5. Debt Swapping of Borrowers
  6. Financing Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
  7. Dairy Venture Capital Fund
  8. Consumption Loan
  9. Scheme for Strengthening of Agri. Marketing Infrastructure, Grading and Standardization
  10. Venture Capital Scheme for Agri Business Development
  11. Financing Drip/Sprinkler Irrigation System
  12. Financing Stallfed Goat Rearing
  13. Kisan Credit Card Scheme
  14. Financing to Dealers in Drip Irrigation/Agri Machinery/ Sprinkler Irrigation System
  15. SBH Kisan Star Card Scheme
  16. Accident Insurance Scheme For KCC Holders
  17. Produce Marketing Loans
  18. General Purpose Loans Under General Credit Card

Other Agricultural Advances

  1. Self Help Groups
  2. Yuva Krishi Plus Scheme
  3. Agri Clinics & Agri Business Centres

NRI Services

  1. NRI Deposits
  2. NRI Loan Products
  3. FCNR
  4. RFCA
  5. GLS
  6. NRE
  7. NRO
  8. Services

Other Services

  1. Electronic Fund Transfer System
  2. Demat/Depository Services
  3. ATM Services
  4. Safe Deposit Lockers
  5. RISET Information and Formats
  6. Internet Banking
  7. Customer Service
  8. Mobile Banking
  1. ATM Locations
  2. Cash Management Products - Dividend Warrants
  4. New Pension System
  5. NEFT - Contact Information of Customer Facilitation Centres
  6. Settlement of claims regarding Deceased Depositors
  7. Cheque Collection Policy
  8. ATM Complaint Template

State Bank of Hyderabad Contact Details

State Bank of Hyderabad,
Head Office:
Hyderabad-500 177
Andhra Pradesh


State Bank of Hyderabad


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