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Standard Bank Home Loans

Standard bank is one of the leading and growing banks of South Africa that provides a number of personal, business as well as corporate banking solutions to its customers. The best personal banking product offered by the bank is the Standard bank home loan. The bank has its branches in Johannesburg, Cape town, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, Durban etc from where it provides home loans all its customers in SA.

Standard Bank Home Loan Department

The Standard bank home loan department is the department which provides housing loans to its customers. This department looks in to all the home loan applications, scrutinizes the application forms, performs a thorough check on the applicant, his details mentioned and lots more. It is in this department that the status of your application form can be found out. The Standard bank home loan department has all the right to reject a particular form if it feels that the applicant will not be able to pay back the loan; or even if it finds any wrong information mentioned in the form.

Standard Bank Home Loan Division

Standard bank home loan division is a sub-part of the Standard bank home loan department. This division comes under the home loan department and is responsible of providing guidance to loan applicants. All the details such as interest rates charged, the loan tenure and the repayment types is provided by this division. The Standard bank home loan division takes its course after the home loan department has completed its scrutinizing process.

Standard Bank Rates

There are two types of Standard bank interest rates. One is the fixed interest rate and the second is the variable rate of interest. The bank's home loan base rate is charged at 10.5% per annum. This rate has been applicable after 14 Aug 2009. The Standard variable rate of interest keeps fluctuating every month, whereas the fixed interest rate remains the same till 10 years. The bank gives the option of switching over from one rate of interest to the other if the customer wishes so. In case you wish to cancel the fixed interest rate option and opt for the variable rate of interest then the bank charges a penalty of 1.5% on the outstanding balance of the home finance. The PLR is 10% and is effective from 26 March 2010. You can apply for Standard Bank Home Loans Dream Start or an Ordinary home loan as it saves large amounts on the interest rate.

Standard Bank Home Loan Calculator

Standard Bank home loan calculators are used to calculate the estimated repayments the customers will have to pay after availing the home finance. The calculators provide a clear picture of affordability, estimated repayments and the loan tenure. With the results shown in the calculator, the borrower can also make adjustments in his loan amount and the rate of interest. The borrower can try all techniques possible to reduce his/her repayments.

Please make sure that the amount that is flashed in the calculator is just an estimated amount and may not be the final one. It should not be mistaken for final repayments as the bank officials will provide you the exact amount after you avail the housing loan.

Standard Bank Home Loan Application

Standard bank home loan application process involves filling up of an application form and submitting the same at the Bank's home loan department. The home loan specialists would go through all the applications and contact the applicants individually. In case you do not receive any call from the bank's side for more than a week, you may contact the bank yourself and inquire about the your home loan application status. The application form must be filled in by the applicant of the home finance only and all the details entered in the application form must be totally true.

Standard Bank Home Loan Insurance

Standard bank home loan insurance schemes are specially offered by the bank to ensure peace of mind and a sense of security in the minds of the home loan borrower as well as the family. The insurance program of the Standard bank not only guarantees protection against any kind of damage but also covers the costs of the amount lost. It is always better to opt for a protection program rather than suffering at the time of damage. Standard bank home loan insurance schemes are designed in a way that it easily fits in to the budget of all its customers.

Contact Details of Standard Bank

The Standard bank can be contacted personally for any assistance required on their banking products and services offered. The contact number of the bank is 0860 123 000. The home loan contact number of the bank is 0860 123 001. You can also contact the bank by sending them an email on their email id information@standardbank.co.za .All the emails are responded by the bank within 24 working hours of time.

Standard Bank Home Loan Login

Standard bank home loan login id and password is given to each Standard bank home loan customer so that the customer can check the status of his/her application form online. Not only that but, after your housing loan is granted, you can also check your monthly repayments online with the help of Internet banking facility. The login id and password given to each customer is unique and different. There is no chance of your login id being identical with any other customer. All the transactions carried online is kept confidential and this makes the online banking process a safe and a secure one.

For more details on Standard bank home loan, interest rates, calculator, application form, insurance and contact details; you may visit the link below:

http://www.standardbank.co.za/SBIC/Frontdoor_07_02/0,2493,176061_7354184_0,00.html .

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