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Standard Bank

Standard bank is an universal bank of South Africa offering a variety of banking services such as investment, lending, borrowing, saving, insurance, wealth management, risk management and other advisory services. The Standard bank has played a very crucial role in the financial market of South Africa and that is why it is one of the major reasons for the successful economic development of the country. The main business units in which the Standard bank works in are Personal banking, Investment banking, Business banking and Corporate Banking. Personal and business banking services include card facilities debit cards and credit cards, provision of lending different kinds of loans to the customers such as home loans, vehicle loans and other personal loans, Internet/online banking, telephone banking, establishment of ATM centers and so on. Corporate and investment banking maintains a good client relationship, globalising capital markets and rapidly developing the economy of the country. The Standard bank was established in the year 1969 as the holding company of SBSA under the name Standard Bank Investment Corporation.

Branches of Standard Bank

Standard bank is present in various locations of SA with branches in Gauteng, Cape town, Western cape, Durban, Centurion, Port Elizabeth, Swaziland, Tyger manor and so on. Standard bank has its head office in Johannesburg in South Africa. If you wish to find out the nearest branch of Standard bank you may go through the branch list available on the official website of the bank. The bank also has international branches in Argentina, London, Brazil, Botswana, Bangladesh, Buenos Aires, Asia, Chicago, Dubai, Evergreen park, Eastgate, Ghana, Gambia, Georgia, Gresham street, Hong Kong, Highlands, Illinois, Monroeville, India, Jersey, Kenya, Kempton park, New York, Namibia, Miami, Nigeria, Orland park, Pinelands, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. The bank has thus reached developed countries such as UK and NAE and US and thus has become the largest banks in South Africa.

Internet Banking with Standard Bank

Standard Bank Internet banking or the online banking facility allows the customer to perform a number of banking transactions via the Internet. It is the best way to manage your account while sitting at your home. There is no need to stand in long queues to operate the account. In order to access the online banking facility, customer will have to complete the registration process by filling and submitting an application form. The bank will then provide the customer with a unique login id and password with the help of which customers can sign in online and perform the desired banking transactions. The number of transactions that can be performed via the Internet are :-

  1. Share trading
  2. Business banking
  3. Accessing the trading account
  4. Filling the home loan application form
  5. Making payment of bills such as credit card
  6. Checking your account balance
  7. Monitor account for suspicious activity
  8. View and print transaction history
  9. Personalise the settings and much more
This is also called as the electronic banking system which, has been a boon to all the customers of Standard Bank. Standard Bank Online Banking provides a safe and secure platform while rendering its services to customers

Careers with Standard Bank

Standard bank provides exciting career opportunities in the banking and financial sector not only in South Africa but also in London in UK. The bank invites applicants for a number of vacancies such as financial analysts, home loan specialists, business development managers, customer service executives, team leader and wealth manager, finacial advisor so on. You can also send your resume to the bank's recruitment department. You can also browse the current job listings from the website and submit your CV online. If there any vacancies, the bank would call you for a personal interview and based on which your selection will be decided. The bank invites diverse skills and talents and provides them opputunities to excell in the business. The bank also rewards individual as well as team performance with remuneration and incentives. You can also build your resume online and track past jobs you have applied for. For more on careers with the Standard bank, or current job opportunities you can contact the bank directly.

Standard Bank Home Loans

Standard bank home loans are provided to all the customers of the bank who wish to avail a housing loan. Home owners get 100% financing. It also offers flexibility on the interest rates charged and the repayment type. The bank offers home loan for 30 years. The interest rates it provides are variable rate of interest and fixed interest rate. The fixed interest rate is charged at 10% per annum whereas the variable interest rate keeps changing. The borrower can either opt for fixed rate or variable rate depending on his desirability. In case of long term loan, fixed rate of interest is more prefered whereas in case of short duration, variable interest rate option can be opted for. The bank has also come forward in providing the customers with a very innovative tool called the Standard bank home loan calculator. This calculator can be used to calculate the expected repayments. In order to apply for a home loan, you will have to contact the bank's home loan division and submit the application form. The home loan officials will get in touch with you once your application form is accepted. The bank also provides insurance on housing loans so that you can then have peace of mind. There is a Standard Home Loan Protection Plan which covers the debt on loan amount in case the borrower could'nt repay the amount due to disability, permanent disability, dread disease, and even retrenchment. The application form of the home loan can be filled up online with the help of login id and password provided by the bank officials. For more information on Standard bank home loans, you can contact the bank personally. The contact details of the bank personnels are available on the official website.

Standard Bank Repossessed Houses

Standard bank repossessed houses can be found at the auctions in places such as Johannesburg, Cape town Durban etc. The recent economic melt down has been the major cause because of which thousands of people in South Africa have been unable to repay the housing loan. This is definitely sad and very unfortunate for those who have been directly affected, but is good news for those who want to buy a house in South Africa. These houses that are on auction can be bought by anybody who is a South African citizen. In order to participate in the bidding process, you will first have to find out the list of repossessed houses in the country. The best way is to contact the Standard bank, as the bank has a list of all such houses. For more details on all the repossessed houses for sale in the year 2011 you can log on to the bank's official website. If you are a wealthy investor or a person looking for a cheap home, you can easily go through the lists of Standard Bank repossessed houses available and the places where auction are being held. However it is always a best practice to consult a financial advisor to take a wise decision in this regard.

Standard Bank Customer Service

The Standard bank customer service or the customer care department handles not only customer problems, complaints or queries but also provides new customers with all the banking information needed by them. The operating hours or the opening hours of the bank is 08.00 am to 09.00 pm. The customers can send them an email on their email id webmaster@standardbank.co.za . You can also call them on their customer service helpline number +27 11 299 4701. The executives would provide you all the required information on banking products, structure and the services offered.

Swift Code and Routing Number of Standard Bank

Swift code of Standard bank is an eight character code which differentiates the bank from the rest. The swift code of the Standard bank is SBZAZAJJ. Routing number is also a code provided to each bank operating in the financial sector. The routing number of the Standard bank is 071004527. The swift code and the routing numbers are used whenever there is an international monetary transfer from one account to the another. These codes help the customers in identifying and differentiating their banks from other banks in the market.

Contact Details
9th Floor,
Standard Bank Centre,
5 Simmonds Street,
Johannesburg 2001.

For more details on Standard bank you may visit their official website http://www.standardbank.co.za/ .

Standard Bank

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