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St George Bank

St George Bank is an Australian Bank headquartered in Sydney which was founded as a society in the year 1937. It was then converted to a public limited company in the year 1992. It is a subsidiary of Westport Corporation which, has its branches all over the country. It also has its branch in India, in Bangalore from where it does all offshore operations. St George bank calls itself a customer friendly bank and service oriented as compared to the other major banks of Australia. Although, it has now become a part of the Westpac Corporation, the St George Bank has gained more success in providing home loans at a lower rate. The foreign exchange rates for Indian rupees is 39.51 and the other exchange rates can be found on their official website.

Locations of St George Bank

St George Bank's head office is located in Sydney, in Australia. Its branches are situated in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Auburn, Paramatta, Queensland (Qld), Brisbane (bsb), Bondi Junction, Burwood, Chermside, nsw, Darwin, Eastwood, Liverpool, North Rocks, New Town, Fairfield, Gold Coast, Garden City, Glen Waverley, Hamilton, Hobart, Victoria (Vic) etc. St George bank has also come out with ATM services with ATM centers found across the country. It has plans to extend its reach to other places out of the country and one such initiative has also been carried by the bank officials. The bank has its overseas or offshore branch in Bangalore, India.

St George Bank Internet Banking

St George bank Internet banking service is easy and simple to use. It gives you the option of executing a number of services online such as, transfer of funds, paying bills, managing your account, tracking your expenses, print your past statements, monitor suspicious activity and so on. In order to avail the Internet banking services, all you require is a valid login id and password. This login id has to be unique.

You can then, sign in to your online account and proceed with the desired duties. This not only saves your time but also keeps you away from standing in long queues for payment of bills. Bills of credit cards can also be paid online. In order to apply for a credit card, you will have to fill in an application form. Once your form is accepted, you will be given the desired credit card. You will have to approach the bank for availing online payment of credit cards with their online banking service. The Internet banking option can be availed any time from anywhere. In case you have any queries you can approach the financial advisor of the bank.

Careers at St George Bank

In order to find a careerwith the St George bank, you will have to send in your resume to the bank's email id. Once your application is received you will be contacted by the bank officials. If they find you suitable for the job, they will call you for a personal interview depending on the location you reside. All the latest employment opportunities and vacancies are given on the bank's official website. A career with St George will surely be a good start for freshers and also for those who are looking out for a change. It conducts an in-depth training process which trains its executives in an effective and efficient manner suiting the requirements of the market. You may log on to the official website of the bank for more current jobs or current vacancies with the bank. It also offers internship programs for under graduates.

St George Bank Swift Code

Swift Code is a standard code given to each and every bank by the International Organization for Standardization or popularly called the ISO. This code identifies each bank and is used when there is a transfer of money between one bank to the other. It is made of 8 or 11 characters and differentiates one bank from the other. Not only this, but each branch of a bank has a different swift code. Whenever you need to transfer money whether, it is between two banks or two different country's banks the swift code is very helpful. The swift code for St George Bank is NATAAU3302S. The routing number for the bank is 122402366.

St George Bank Home Loans

St George bank provides seven kinds of home loan packages to its customers. These packages can be used to buy a first house, buy a second house, refinance an existing loan, construct a house, invest in to a property or a land, for renovating a house and support the retirement expenses. All these home loans are provided at affordable interest rates. The rate of interest applied for a basic home loan is 5.16% per annum. In order to avail a housing loan you need to fill up an application form and submit the same at the bank's home loan department.

St George Bank Customer Service

St George bank customer service department handles all the customer issues such as their doubts, complaints and also gives them information about the bank. The bank aims in maintaining positive customer relations and keeping everyone happy. The customer service number of the bank is 616 616 44. All the necessary information is provided on this number by the customer service executives.

Contact Address
Head office
St.George House
4-16 Montgomery Street
Kogarah NSW 2217.

For more details on the bank you can call them on their number 1800 629 795 any time between 8.am to 5 pm or from Monday to Friday or log on to their official website: http://www.stgeorge.com.au/

St George Bank

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