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St George Home Loan

St George home loan offers a variety of home finance to all the people who are looking for a housing loan. Whether it is for a first home, a next home, construction or renovation purposes, the St George bank home loans suites all your requirements. Apart from having a great variety of home loans, the bank has been awarded the best home finance lender for the year 2009 by the Money Magazine. The financial experts in St George bank have done all the necessary home work specially for you in order to fulfill your desires of owing a house. It also gives home loans to refinance an existing loan taken from a different financial institution. With the help of St George bank Internet banking facility, you can view all the options of home loan online. In order to start applying for a home loan, you will have to select from the following options available:

St George Home Loan Package

  1. Purchase my first home
  2. Buy a second house
  3. Refinance the existing loan
  4. Buy an investment property
  5. Build a house
  6. Renovation purposes
  7. Support retirement
Once you choose any of the above options mentioned, the bank would ask you to enter your estimated purchase price and the estimated deposit. You can either find out the best home loan suiting your budge with the help of their website or can call on their number 13 33 30 and speak to the concerned department. The home loan specialist would explain everything you wish to know.

St George Home Loan Interest Rates

The interest rate that the bank charges depends on the number of years you want to avail the particular housing loan. It also gives you an option of choosing between fixed rate of interest or variable interest rate. The interest rate for basic home loan is 5.16% pa. It varies on the amount of housing loan a borrower wishes to avail and even to the home loan package opted for. St George bank also gives the customer an option of changing over from a fixed rate of interest to a variable interest rate any time after six months of the loan tenure.

St George Home Loan Application Form

Once you finalize the loan amount and the interest rate, you can then proceed further with its application process. The bank has simple application process that needs to be followed by the loan applicant. All personal details such as the monthly income, expenses and size of the family has to be mentioned in the application form. All the personal details mentioned by the customer is kept confidential by the home loan authorities.

St George Home Loan Calculator

The bank also gives out a very important tool called the home loan calculator with the help of which you can calculate the estimated rate of interest and the loan term on the home loan amount applied. All you have to do is enter the loan amount you wish to avail, the rate of interest and the period till which you will be needing the particular loan amount. Once all the details are entered in the calculator, the estimated repayments will flash on the screen.

St George Home Loan Review

St George home loan reviews are those reviews which are written by the customers directly. The customers who feel satisfied after availing banking services from St George bank post reviews on their official address. Some of these reviews are available online and most of them are displayed in the bank. A customer review is the best way to judge a bank and the number of positive reviews that St George bank has received is indeed commendable.

St George Home Loan Protection

St George home loan protection is the security provided by the bank on a financial basis. It is impossible to predict our own future and that is why, we should at least be ready for the worst. The bank offers home loan protection scheme for three reasons. The first is the life insurance. The bank itself covers $50,000 of the home loan amount if the home loan borrower dies. The second is protection against sickness or accidents. The bank allows you to stop repayment of loan in case you are sick or have suffered a serious injury due to an accident. Once you are in a position to pay back the loan amount, you will have to continue with the repayments. The third reason is involuntary unemployment. For some or the other easy reason in case you are unemployed for a while, the bank takes care of the repayments.

For more on St George home loan you can follow the link given below:
http://www.stgeorge.com.au/loans/home-loans/ .

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