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St George Home Loan Review

A St George home loan review is the best way to find out how credible and dependable these housing loans are. People who are associated with the bank for a long time can only write reviews on the bank. One such customer, who has been with the St George bank for the past 15 years seems to be very happy with the bank's services, interest rates and the variety of home loan choices. All the banking deals given out by the bank are loyal and honest. That is why, large number of customers prefer to stick on the St George for a long time. St George home loan reviews are very positive and if this continues, this bank will be the best bank in Australia.

St George has a variety of home loan options, saving accounts, credit cards, investment plans and business plans suiting the customer's needs. The customer service department at the St George bank is courteous and polite to all the customers around. There have been times, when the bank has experienced customers yelling at them at the top of their voices; but this is also because their own problems. Not because of the bank's service. Some customers feel that the bank's service was better off around 10 years ago. This was because, the number of visitors were less and there were less formalities. Today, inspite of the number of people flocking in to the bank, it has not compromised on the services it provides to its customers. Some of the reasons because of which the bank receives so many positive reviews on the banking structure is given in detail.

Reasons Behind Receiving Positive Reviews
  1. The interest rates charged by St George bank are lower as compared to other financial institutions in Australia
  2. They offer a variety of products and services
  3. They have different home loan schemes suiting all the people who wish to avail a home finance
  4. The customer care department is very polite
  5. The credit card charges are also affordable enough
  6. The St George bank helps you in lowering your credit limit through Internet banking facility
  7. It offers high interest rates on daily accounts
  8. The bank offers exiting incentives on getting involved with its financial products. For example if you invest around $1000 every month in your direct saver account, you will be eligible to receive monthly bonus.
To find out more on the bank and to write a St George home loan review yourself, you can log on to their official website http://www.stgeorge.com.au/ .

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