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St George Home Loan Rates

St George home loan rates varies from the kind of housing loan you opt for and its subsequent repayment tenure. The St George bank home loan rates are different for different home finance. The number of housing loan options they have are:
  1. Home Loans for first time home buyers
  2. Refinance loans, in order to refinance the existing mortgage loan taken from some other financial enterprise
  3. Home loans for investing in property
  4. Home finance for renovation of a house
  5. Housing loans for buying another house

St George Home Loan Interest Rates

The St George bank charges variable and fixed rate of interest. The introductory home loan fixed rate is 5.89% pa and the introductory home loan variable rate is 4.66% pa. The basic home loan rate is charged at 5.16% pa. The negotiated variable rate is charged at 5.07% whereas, the standard variable rate is charged at 5.79%. The bank also charges fixed home loan rate for a fixed period. They are mentioned as follows:
  1. Fixed Rate for 1 year: 6.14% pa
  2. Fixed Rate for 2 years: 6.64% pa
  3. Fixed Rate for 3 years: 7.24% pa
  4. Fixed Rate for 4 years: 7.79% pa
  5. Fixed Rate for 5 years: 7.79% pa
The rates mentioned here are subject to change without prior notice. For the current rates applicable on home loans you can either contact the bank on their number 13 33 30. The bank's home loan specialist will take care of your query and would give a suitable solution for the same. They would also respond to your email sent to the concerned department. You can also have a look at the St George home loan rates by clicking on the link given below:

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