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St George Home Loan Calculator

St George bank has given out a very useful and an exciting tool called the St George home loan calculator with the help of which you can calculate the rate of interest charged and the repayment tenure on your home finance applied. These calculators help you to estimate the amount which you will have to repay after availing the home loan. The St George home loan calculators are very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the amount of housing loan you require and the number of years you need it for. Once you click on the calculate button, the calculator will let you know your repayment amount. Depending on the amount shown, you can either cut short your repayment tenure, increase the same or decrease the amount entered. The St George home loan calculators are very user friendly and flexible. The bank keeps the amount entered confidential and does not retain the same.

The different kinds of St George home loan calculators are

  1. Home Loan Repayment Calculator
  2. Home Loan Comparison Calculator
  3. Stamp Duty Calculator
  4. Line of Credit Calculator
  5. Home Loan Extra Payments Calculator
  6. Lump Sum Payment Calculator
  7. Split Home Loan Calculator
  8. Borrowing Power Calculator
  9. Mortgage Interest Offset Calculator
  10. Principle and Interest Calculator

All these 10 calculators mentioned serve the same purpose in different ways. For example, the home loan repayment calculator tells you the amount of repayment you will have to make every month. The home loan comparison calculator compares between different housing loans offered by the St George Bank. You can then choose the best home finance. The stamp duty calculator tells you charges applicable for stamp duty and other official papers. The line of credit calculator tells you how you can build your wealth with the help of portfolio loan. The home loan extra payments calculator tells you how you can make additional repayments and pay off the loan faster. The lump sum payment calculator tells you how much of interest and time can be saved by you by paying off a lump sum amount of the loan. The split home loan calculator splits your housing loan in to fixed and variable rate of interest. The borrowing power calculator tells you how much you can actually afford keeping in mind your monthly expenses and income. The mortgage interest offset calculator tells you how much you can save with an offset interest facility.

To find out more on St George home loan calculator you can log on to the link given below: http://www.stgeorge.com.au/loans/home-loans/home-loan-calculators/ .

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