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SBI Online

SBI Online Banking

- :SBI Online service is an internet banking facility being provided by the State Bank Of India with a view to offer an effortless banking experience to its existing and potential customers. The internet savvy customers of the bank can check their account information, account statement on the web itself by logging into their account without going to their nearest branch. Net banking is an internet based financial service provided by the bank thereby making the commercial transactions an easy and facile experience. The bank is India's largest and the most sought after commercial bank and marks its presence at the globally. The main idea behind offering online banking service is to provide freedom to the customer to access his account and financial transactions from the comfort of his home/office without having to visit the branch for every other reason. It also offers its services to the NRI crowd settled in various parts of the world. The State Bank Of India maintains a special website for disseminating its banking products and services to its clients. SBI Online also offers facilities like that of certain value-added features like
  • Personal banking
  • payment of bills(telephone/electricity).
  • It also provides various job opportunities to young individuals aspiring to make a career in the banking sector and to work with India's largest bank.
Online application form is available on the SBI Online website where you can download various registration forms to avail different services including the internet banking form. Following are some of the e-banking services being offered by the Bank:

SBI Online Login

- SBI gives information about the client's profile and other relevant details including the account summary, balance etc. You can login your account itself and get to view your account statement and can also take a print out of the same. Besides, you can also receive from or transfer funds to any other account in any Branch throughout the world. This service has certainly made the financial transactions hassle-free activity. SBI Online login has laid down certain safety measures to ensure confidentiality of significant information like that of the credit card, debit card and other account details.

SBI Online GLS(Global Link Service)

:-SBI GLS or online GLS(Global Linkage Service) constitutes a broad network of around 12000 branches. This particular facility enables the bank's customers to transfer monetary funds between India and America through an easy and safe channel. The customers can avail the facility of sending and receiving money either from India to US or vice-versa through a great speed irrespective of your location.
SBI GLS service is also available for the UK residents in form of a unique product named Express Remit.

SBI Online Account

SBI Online Account facility offers a 3-in-1 account facility in the name of 'eZ-trade@SBI' where in you get three account facilities - Savings Bank A/C, Demat A/c and online trading A/c to give you a facile and hassle free banking experience which doesn't really involve any paper work. You need not cough up any sort of amount towards opening an account with SBI online. The bank's dedicated staff guides you as to how to go about operating your account. You can also view your account statement online itself.

SBI Online Trading

: The online trading service enables the bank's customers to carry out your banking operations and transactions without limits. The service is tailor-made to suit the needs and requirements of the customers who prefer e-banking. 'eZ-trade@sbi' is a contemporary trading/banking service offering investment and banking experience and is presently applicable only for the resident Indians. The bank also offers an online 'Demat Service' to enable the share trading customers operate their demat account from their office or home through this share trading convenience. You can view your holdings and statement of the financial transactions, you can order and get your delivery instructions online booklet be delivered at your doorstep. You can buy/sell/transfer shares and securities online. The bank has a dedicated staff that offers training and guidance about things to be kept in mind while going for stock trading or trading of securities online.

SBI Online Money Transfer

- SBI online money transfer service enables its customers to send or receive money in or out of India. The online GLS or Global Link Service allows you to transfer money with an immediate effect from India to United States through a huge network of over 10000 branches. Its presumably the most cheap and the safest channel to send funds to India. You have to open account with Global Remittance. It might take around two days to sanction your account. The SBI Global Remittance/SBI Express Remit now enables the residents of the UK and the Middle-East to transfer their funds online.

SBI Credit Card Online

- State Bank Of India or SBI offers online services to the credit card users which includes account management which also contains services like facility to transfer the balance online, viewing the state of account, e-statement, transaction details, credit card bill payment and for more you can also get in touch with the 24 hour customer care service etc. are amongst other beneficial services offered b SBI online credit card and also comes with a SBI online credit card payment option that can be availed by the customers.

For further on SBI ONLINE log on to: www.onlinesbi.com

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