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SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans are mortgage providers who call themselves a non banking but a financial institution that provides housing loans to all the citizens of South Africa. It aims in providing the best product and service of a home finance right from its initial stage till the entire home loan period is complete. The SA home loans were launched in the year 1999 and since then it has funded almost more than 10,000 houses in the country. SA home loans cares about its customers and that is why offers the lowest possible interest rates among the other banks in the South Africa. In the year 2007, the SA home loans was voted to be the best home loan lenders in South Africa by two leading newspapers of the country. The bank has two international financial giants as its shareholders. One is the JP Morgan International Consumer Holding Inc and the second is the Standard Bank Group Limited. The bank also provides flexible Home Loan Products to match up to the customers changing needs. For example SA fixed rate mortgage is for 20 years. So now if you want to buy a house, you can also contact the bank directly and speak to the home loan consultants who will guide you in bond financing, affordibility, mortgage refinancing etc.

How SA Home Loans is Different from other banks

  1. They provide home loans to the customers by linking them directly to the money markets
  2. They are the specialist mortgage provider who chooses the right kind of product based on the various needs of the customers
  3. They provide the best home loan rates
  4. They are open and transparent in all dealings
  5. They provide flexible and tailored product options for the homeowners.

SA Home Loan Interest Rate

SA home loans have a history of providing the lowest possible interest rates in South Africa as compared to other banks or financial institutions. For example, in the year 1999, when the SA home loans were introduced the other banks in the country charged housing loan interest at 23% per annum but the SA home loans interest rates were charged only at 19.6% per annum. This was definitely much lower than the other banking institutions in the country and more and more people started to opt for the same. Presently, the bank charges 9% as interest on housing loans as compared to 10.5% which is charged by the other banks. The most striking feature of interest rates are that the fixed interest rates after 20 years might go down but will never increase.

SA Home Loans Calculator

SA home loan calculator or SA home loans bond calculator are tools which can be used to calculate the estimated repayments. With the help of SA home loan calculator all its customers can calculate the estimated amount that would have to paid on the housing loan availed. The calculators can be used on their official website. The SA home loans calculator is simple to use. All you have to do is fill in the necessary blanks such as loan amount, rate of interest and the loan term. Once you click on the calculate button, the SA home loan calculator will show you the results. Based on the same, you can re-think on your decision of availing a housing loan for the same amount. SA home loan provides three types of calculator:- Affordability Calculator, New home purchase mortgage calculator and Switch Loan Calculator.

SA Home Loans Cape Town

SA home loans has its branch office in Cape town in South Africa. The cape town address of the bank is given below: SA Home Loans
1st Floor, Block 1
Northgate Island,
Koeberg Road,
Paarden Island,
Cape Town.

SA Home Loans Durban

The second most visited branch of the SA home loans is located in Durban in South Africa. The address of the same in Durban is given below: SA Home Loans
215 Beyers Naude Drive,
Propcor Building,
First Floor Rustenburg

SA Home Loans Contact Details

Apart from the contact addresses of the two branches of SA home loans, you can also find this financial institution in other parts of the country such as Johannesburg, Guteung etc. To find out more you can call the bank officials on their contact number 0860 241 6810. You can also call them on their helpline number of the customer service department at +27 861 888 777. The bank can be contacted via email on their email id admin@sahomeloans.com .

SA Home Loans Repossessed Property

SA home loans repossessed property are those houses of people who were unable to pay back their home loans. The bank then seizes all such property and terms it as repossessed property. This property is then offered to the public for sale at a lower price. All the banks in South Africa have a list of repossessed property. The banks would like to get rid of such property as soon as possible as they do not indulge in the real estate sector. Their main forte includes banking and finance and remain the same area. there is no transfer duty on these properties and are less than the market-value which provides good value to the buyers or investors.

SA Home Loans Insurance

SA home loan insurances are provided to offer protection policies to its customers on home loans availed. This financial institution understands that a house is the most precious possession of an individual and that is why, protecting the same is not only the owner's responsibility but also the loan lender's responsibility. The insurance program offers protection against natural calamities as well as other disasters such as robbery, sickness or even death. To know more on the SA home loans insurance program you can contact the bank officials directly.

SA Home Loans Career

SA home loans is a financial institution which provides housing loans to all the people in South Africa. Apart from providing housing loans, it also offers exciting career opportunities for all those interested in making a career in the finance and home loan sector. It offers careers in marketing, sales, financial analyst, customer care executives, home loan specialist and so on. The recruitment program of the SA home loans happens twice a year and applicants are invited for a round of personal interview. To know about current vacancies or job openings with the SA home loans, you can contact the concerned department directly.

SA Home Loans Login

SA home loans login id and password are provided to each and every customer of the SA home loans. With the help of this login id, home loan customers can access their accounts online. The Internet banking facility provided by the bank officials has made acquiring home finance even simpler. The login id provided to each customer is different from the rest. The online transaction is a safe and a secure process, the bank maintains confidentiality to the highest levels.

For more details, on the SA Home Loans you may log on to their official website: http://www.sahomeloans.com/ .

Last updated on 13-01-2011.

SA Home Loans

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