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Ratnakar Bank Home Loans

When you’re looking for a suitable home loan product with an attractive rate, Ratnakar Bank home loans can help you realize your dreams. All home loan schemes from Ratnakar Bank come with convenient repayment terms and other conditions.

About Ratnakar Bank Home Loans

Ratnakar Bank home loans have been ideally designed to meet the home buying needs of the customers. Given below are important information related to these loans:

Repayment term for Ratnakar Bank home loans

The maximum repayment period for a Ratnakar Bank home loan is 15 years.

Margin for Ratnakar Bank home loans

The margin for a home loan offered by Ratnakar Bank is 25%.

Eligibility criteria for Ratnakar Bank home loans

Employees of government/semi government companies, well-known companies, traders, business professionals, self-employed professionals and agriculturists can qualify for these loans. Given below are the detailed eligibility criteria for these loans:

In case of employees of Government/Semi government employees and employees of recognized companies:

  • Applicant should be a confirmed employee of the company.
  • Copy of Income Tax return has to be submitted
  • The applicant should furnish – salary/pay certificate, authorized letter of employer for deducting and paying the monthly installment.
  • Maximum net income should be 50% following the deduction of home loan EMI

In case of traders or businessmen or professionals and self employed individuals:

  • Proof of income for past 3 years that is Income Tax return or audited balance sheet.

In case of farmers:

  • Proof of income for past 3 years.

Furthermore, the following documents need to be furnished by loan applicants:

  • Sanctioned plan
  • Most recent prosperity card
  • Permission for construction
  • Appraisal documents
  • Registered sale deed
  • Source of margin money
  • N.A. order

You also need to bring a guarantor if you want to qualify for a Ratnakar Bank home loan.

Service Charges on Ratnakar Bank home loans

The table given below will give you a fair idea about service charges associated with loan accounts:

  Rate of Interest
    Individuals Other than Individuals Special Category of Individuals
Issue of No dues Certificate For Govt. sponsored schemes and agriculture purpose Free of cost as mentioned by RBI guidelines    Free of cost as mentioned by RBI guidelines Free of cost as mentioned by RBI guidelines
  For others Rs. 20/- Rs. 25/- Rs. 15/-

Ratnakar Bank has introduced a wide variety of loan products that can be used for various purposes. Home loans launched by The Ratnakar Bank Limited are perfect home buying options for borrowers. The interest rates are truly cheap and this helps you save a lot of money on your housing loan installments. The repayment terms are also flexible to fit your budget. All these benefits and features are contributing to the growing popularity of Ratnakar Bank home loans.

Home Loan Calculator

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