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The RAMS group has its branches throught the country in Perth, Canberra, Queensland, Sydney and Brisbane. In order to find out the nearest branch of RAMS, you can call them at 13 7267. The loan manager will then tell you everything you want to know. They are open on all weekdays from Monday to Friday and are available anytime between 8.30am to 8.30pm. In case you want to call them up from outside the country, the number to get in touch with them is +612 9647 6967. RAMS mortgage options are available for in plenty. There is a mortgage loan for all the first time buyers, self employed individuals and it is available even for refinancing your current loan. The refinancing option helps you in cutting the loan term and thus makes you save more money in the course of time.

RAMS Home Loans

Registered Australian Mortgage Securities or popularly called RAMS came in to exitence in the year 1980. Since then, its main motive is to provide home loans to all the people of Australia. Buying a house is everybody's dream, but not everyone is able to afford a housing loan. Since, the year 1980, RAMS has given out several options which makes the people of Australia afford a home finance. Owning a house the most exciting moment of an individual's life and that is why RAMS provides home finance at the most competitive rates. After the Australia's finance industry was deregulated, home loan specialists such as the RAMS mortgage came up with a lot of determination and dedicaton. It was because of a number of innovative products and services that they made Australians own a house in the country. Today, there are more than 10,000 customers who approach RAMS for housing loans. It has got a very good command over the market and has gained a lot of customer's goodwill. The bank also has received en-number of positive reviews on the banking technicalities it follows. All the products and services offered by the bank are highly appreciated by the customers.

RAMS Interest Rates

On the 1st October 2009, RAMS finance group has announced a reduction in interest rates, fees and miscellaneous charges. All the fees linked to arrears and payments missed is reduced to a minimum $15. This has been specially done in order to make the approach simpler and easier. RAMS always ensures that all its customers are well aware of their dues and gives them full information on the same. It does not call itself a bank but rather prefers to call itself as a financial lender. This is because it does not cater to other banking related transactions. They are specialists in providing home loans and excel in their field. Their presence in the market has created encouraged a lot of people to apply for housing loans.

RAMS Calculator

RAMS also provides repayment calculator with the help of which, a borrower can calculate the repayments he/she has to make after availing the loan amount. This repayment calculator is very simple to use. All you have to do is enter the estimated amount of home loan you wish to avail, the rate of interest you are ready to pay and the loan tenure. Once you click on the calculate button, the RAMS home loan repayment calculator will calulate and flash the estimated amount of repayment on your computer screen. An application form must be filled in duly by the applicant before applying for a home loan.

In order to extend its reach and widen all its services, it is now looking out for franchise options in Australia. For more information on all their programs and policies you can log on to their official http://www.rams.com.au/ .


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