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RAMS Home Loans

RAMS Home Loans group was established in Australia in the year 1980. Since then it has been quite successful in providing housing loans to all the people of the country. Its head office is located in Canberra and has franchisees across the country such as Parramatta, Low Doc and Perth. In order to qualify for RAMS home loans, you need to give some personal information such as, your employment status, monthly income, expenses, assets owned, liabilities incurred and the type of RAMS home loans you wish to apply. This application form can be filled up online or can be delivered to the office directly. The customer care department will go through your application and will get in touch with you. There are a number of home loan packages given out by RAMS. They are:

Home Loans Products by RAMS Group

  • RAMS Limited Deposit
  • RAMS Fixed Rate
  • RAMS Easy Start
  • RAMS Standard Variable
  • RAMS Basic

    RAMS Limited Deposit: In order to qualify for a limited deposit home loan, you will only require to keep 5% deposit and the transaction charges. It best suits the first time home buyers as most of them find it quite affordable.

    RAMS Fixed Rate: This home loan package protects you against heavy interest rate as you can choose the repayment in the number of years.

    RAMS Easy Start: RAMS easy start is also called the honeymoon home loan. This is because it gives you home loans at discounted rates for the first three years and later on it charges only whatever is exactly applicable. It does not believe in overcharging the customers later on.

    RAMS Standard Variable: RAMS standard variable housing loan package is given up to an amount of $50,000 or more. It charges standard rate of interest on all the amounts.

    RAMS Basic: This is the most widely chosen home loan package as it does not charge any extra fees of any kind and also has features like redraw.

    RAMS Home Loan Interest Rates

    RAMS home loan charges affordable interest rates to its customers so that availing a home finance does not seem out of reach. It offers home loan rate of interest at competitive rates and easy repayment option. The rate of interest that it charges on a minimum home loan of $1,00,00 is 5.59% p.a. This is the lowest rate that any other financial institution provides in Australia.

  • The four leading Australian banks namely, ANZ, Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac also do not offer so low interest rates. The rates are subject to change without any prior notice. In order to know more about the current rates, kindly call on 13 727.

    RAMS Home Loans Calculator

    With the help of RAMS home loan calculator, you can calculate the rate of interest charged on the amount of loan applied. The main purpose of calculators are to provide at least a first hand information on the housing loan. The customer gets an overview of the repayment term and the amount that he/she would have to pay to the home loan lender. RAMS has thus, given out this tool so that customers are mentally prepared in advance. Looking at the estimated figure of repayment, they can then decide whether to go in for a home loan or not. They can also increase or decrease the amount requested looking at their financial conditions.

    RAMS Home Loan Application

    In order to apply and qualify for a home loan you will have to fill up an application form which would be available at the bank's branch. The application form can also be downloaded by logging on to their official website. All the details mentioned in the form should be completely true. The bank keeps your personal information confidential.

    RAMS Home Loan Review

    RAMS is a very popular home loan provider in Australia. There are in to this business since a long time and have developed exciting programs for home owners. This is the reason why the bank receives a number of positive reviews regarding home loans and its interest rates. All the customers are welcomed to post a review on RAMS working structure, products and services offered. All the reviews are then complied and displayed in their home loan department.

    RAMS Home Loans Complaints

    RAMS home loan complaints are addressed by the customer service department. This financial institution strives its level best in ensuring that all its customers face a pleasant banking experience. However, in case of any altercations the complaints are looked in to as soon as possible. The customer is given a complaint number at the time of any problem and the home loan specialist look in to the matter and aim at solving the same at the earliest.

    For more details on RAMS home loans or a review on the same kindly log on to their official
    website: http://www.rams.com.au/ .


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