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RAMS Home Loan Calculator

RAMS home loan calculator is a very useful tool as it helps to determine the interest rate charged on your housing loan. Whether it is to buy a new house, or refinance an existing home loan, it has solutions for all. RAMS offers a number of calculators
  1. Home Loan Repayment Calculator


    This calculator gives you an initial estimate on the loan amount and the loan term. With the help of this calculator, you can get an idea of the interest rate and the period till when you will have to pay the loan amount.

  2. Home Loan Affordability Calculator

    This calculator tells you how much of loan you can borrow. In case, you are still confused of the exact loan amount suiting your family requirements, you can still find out the estimated amount that can be easily affordable.

  3. Extra Repayments Home Loan Calculator

    Extra Repayments home loan calculator shows how much of rate of interest and time you can save only by making advanced payments.

  4. Stamp Duty Calculator

    Stamp duty calculators give you an idea of other charges such as the government fees, rates and all other miscellaneous expenses on your home loan.

  5. Home Loan Comparison Calculator

    As the name suggests, this comparison calculator helps you to compare the fees, payments all other charges between two home loan packages opted for. This will let you know which package is better and feasible.

  6. Split Loan Calculator

    Split Loan Calculator divides your interest rates under different categories such as fixed rate of interst and variable rate of interest.

With the help of the above mentioned list of calculators it is quite easy in finding out the rate of interest charged on the home finance applied. In case you get stuck in the course of your journey, you can contact the bank at their customer care number 13 7267 or log on to the link given below. http://www.rams.com.au/default.asp? page=/calculators .


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