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NZ Home Loan Rates

NZ home loan rates are specially designed to suit the housing needs of all the people in New Zealand. This financial enterprise is a non banking institution in New Zealand that provides home loans at affordable interest rates. The rate of interest charged by other financial institutions in New Zealand is not only high but the repayment tenure on the same is quite long. This compels people to stay in debt for a longer duration. On the other side, the NZ home loan rates are not only affordable but it also allows to pay back your loan amount at a faster rate.

NZ Home Loan Interest Rates

NZ home loans are divided in two categories. One is the fixed interest rate and the second is the floating rate of interest. The floating rate of interest is charged is 6.35%. The fixed interest rates are given as follows:
  1. 6 months fixed rate: 6.50%
  2. 12 months fixed rate: 6.60%
  3. 24 months fixed rate: 6.75%
  4. 36 months fixed rate: 7.25%
  5. 60 months fixed rate: 7.90%
You can also contact the NZ home loan department at 0800 332 837. The home finance officials will give you complete details on the NZ home loan rates. All the rates mentioned here are subject to change without any prior notice to anyone. Therefore, the organization officials are the best persons to contact for home loans. The NZ home loan rates can change any time whenever the organization feels that is a requirement of re-setting the loan. They make sure that the rates are within the reach of the customers and do not fall as a burden on them.

The main aim of NZ home loan is to provide affordable housing loans to all. It specially caters to the middle level income group who are scared by the huge interest rates and lengthy repayment period. It has been a very short time since the NZ home loans have come in to picture but, they have been very useful to the common man. Not everybody in New Zealand is able to afford the expensive interest rates charged by private banks. NZ home loans have come to the rescue of all those individuals who desire to own a house of their own.

For more on NZ home loan rates you can log on to the link given below:
http://www.nzhomeloans.co.nz/interest-rates/ .

last updated on 13-01-11

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