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Nedbank Home Loan Calculator

Nedbank home loan calculator is an important tool provided by the Nedbank to calculate the estimated repayments of a housing loan borrower. With the help of this calculator it has become quite easy for all the home finance borrowers to know their repayments in advance. The calculator not only gives them an idea of their repayments but also helps them decide whether to really go in for a home loan or not. On the basis of results shown in the calculator the loan borrower can decide whether to increase the loan amount or decrease the same. The calculator is very easy to use.

Steps to use the Nedbank Home Loan Repayment Calculator

  1. Log on to the Nedbank's official website
  2. Visit the calculator page on their website
  3. Once the repayment calculator page opens enter the desired amounts
  4. Enter the purchase price of the property you wish to buy
  5. Enter the deposit amount
  6. Enter the annual interest rate agreed upon
  7. Mention the time period till which the loan will be required
  8. Click on calculate

Features of Nedbank Home Loan Repayment Calculator

  1. It helps to calculate your monthly loan repayments amount.
  2. It helps to calculates the extra amount you will have to pay per month if you want to settle your loan in shorter period.
  3. It helps to calculate the exact amount of interest saved because of increased monthly repayments.
  4. It helps to calculate your loan affordibility, based on number of factors like your monthly income, interest rates, loan tenure and expenses.

Once you click on the calculate button, your monthly repayments will flash on the screen. Please note that this amount is just the estimated amount charged by the bank. If the customer feels that it is on the higher side and is unhappy with the amount shown, then the amount can be calculated again. The bank does not charge anything for using the home loan calculator as it is specially designed by the bank for customers to know their estimated repayments. The customer can then either increase the loan term, decrease the loan amount or decrease the interest rate applicable. This will help the customer to in turn get a decreased repayment amount.

Please make sure that all the required fields are filled up and nothing is left blank. If you leave out a blank field the calculator may not be able to calculate the desired results. In case there is any problem in using the Nedbank home loan calculator, you can contact the bank on their toll free helpline number 0800 110 929. The customer service executive would help you in calculating your estimated repayments.

To use the Nedbank home loan calculator you can visit the link given below:



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