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Nedbank is one of the largest banks in South Africa with its market capitalization of R45.6bn in the year 2006. The bank is listed on the JSE stock exchange with NED as its code. It was formed in the year 1888 in Amsterdam and almost 18 later it opened its first branch in London. The bank was then expanded to SA South Africa in the year 1951. All South African shareholders started to invest in the company and thus it made the South African bank by 1969. In August 2009, Nedbank purchased the Imperial bank completely and thus today the Imperial bank is owned by the Nedbank group. The Nedbank offers a number of financial services to its customers. It offers commercial as well as personal services such as credit cards, home loans, vehicle finance, personal loans, insurance, investment options, corporate banking and lots more to mention. In order to keep its employees stress free the bank organizes golf challenge every year in South Africa. The golf challenge is played either in early November or during the time of Christmas. Nedbank branches are located througout the major cities of South Africa. The bank has its head office in Johannesburg and branches in locations such as Gauteng, Western cape, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Centurion, Namibia, Cape town and Musgrave.

Nedbank Internet Banking

Nedbank Internet banking system or the online banking system facilitates the customers to perform all their banking services online. This bank provides 24 hour mobile access from any part of the world. This includes payment of credit bills, other bills, checking home loan or vehicle loan statements, viewing transaction history, printing statements, monitoring accounts, transferring funds from one account to other and so on. People from Namibia and Swaziland in South Africa are most benefited by this Internet banking facility. To access the facility, the customer must have unique profile number, PIN and password to bank online. In order to get yourself eligible, you will have to register yourself by completing the registration process. The registration process includes filling up an application form and returning it to the bank's concerned department.

Once this form is accepted, each customer is given a unique login id and a password to sign in their particular accounts. The customer can then find out the costs and charges on different services such as credit cards, home loans, personal loans etc. Nedbank has variety of security features to provide maximum security to the customers. This includes 128-bit encryption codes to drive smooth and safe communication. The bank conducts a personal interview before finalizing its candidates. For more on the career opportunities, or to know about the current vacancies with the Nedbank, you may visit the bank's official website.

Nedbank Personal Loans

The Nedbank offers two kinds of personal loans. One is the secured personal loan and the second is the unsecured personal loan. The unsecured personal loan amount ranges from R2,000 to R120,000. The minimum net monthly income of the applicant must be R1,500 and must have a very good credit history. The borrower must be in a position to afford the loan and must be at least 18 years of age. The borrower must be a permanent employee of a reputed organization and must be working in the same organization for more than three years. In order to qualify for secured personal loans, the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Apart from the age criteria, the other qualifications set by Nedbank is the same of secured personal loans. Nedbank personal loan calculator can be used to calculate the estimated repayments. In order to apply now, you will have to fill in the Nedbank personal loan application form and submit the same with the bank. This form is also available online. The Nedbank personal loan call centre number is 0860 103 582. This contact number can be dialled for any further assistances on Nedbank personal loans.

Nedbank Home Loans

Nedbank home loans are designed in a way that it suits the budget and requirements of all the expected home loan borrowers. The interest rates offered on the home loans are also flexible and affordable by most people in South Africa. The bank has kept lowest interest rates possible so that it can fulfill the customer's dream of owning a house. The Nedbank's home loan division has a housing loan offer to suit the budget of different income groups. The bank also provides a home loan calculator with the help of which, monthly repayments can be calculated. In order to apply for a Nedbank home loan, application form should be duly filled in by the applicant and sent to the bank's branch. Once your application form is accepted the bank's home loan specialists would call you personally. Nedbank also offers insurances on housing loans as it feels that a home insurance brings with itself peace and harmony.

Nedbank Repossessed Houses

A house becomes a repossessed house when the loan borrower of the house is unable to pay the home loans and the bank is forced to cancel the loan agreement. The bank then drags the house owner to the court and constitutes a legal action for non payments of dues. Once judgment is obtained in favor of the bank the bank auctions the house and keeps it on sale. Most of repossessed houses are available in Durban. All the banks in South Africa have a list of all the repossessed houses in the country. For all the repossessed houses in the current year 2009, you can contact the bank officials directly by visiting their website or calling them on their helpline number 0860 103 582.

Nedbank Greenbacks Credit Card

As a Nedbank greenbacks member all the customers are given attractive offers on their credit cards. This involves reward points which can be used to redeem exciting offers such as shopping vouchers, car rentals, donations, flight charges, vacations etc. The redemption is offered after you are a valid member of the greenbacks credit card. The balance on the card can be checked with the help of the Internet. If you wish to apply for a Nedbank Credit Card; you need to fill up an application form and send it to the bank. The Nedbank credit card division will then inform you about the payments, fees and interest rates applicable. For more details on the same you can either contact the bank or visit the online website of Nedbank.

Nedbank Customer Service

The customer service or the customer care department of the bank handles all customer queries. This number can be contacted any time between 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The toll free number of the bank is 0860 555 111. This number remains a toll free number if contacted any where from within South Africa.

Contact Address
46 Voortrekker Road,
Bellville, Cape Town 7530

For any further details on the Nedbank, you may visit their official website http://www.nedbank.co.za/ .


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