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Mortgage Calculator

Are you planning to purchase a house but don't know whether you'll get the desired loan amount or not? If that's the case, then you need to opt for mortgage calculators. A mortgage calculator helps a prospective or existing real estate professional to calculate the loan that he'll get on a particular property. A home mortgage calculator helps in comparing expenses, payment schedules, interest rates to name a few. In addition to these, it also helps in determining the change in the time span of the mortgage loan by opting for extra principal payments.

What are mortgage calculators?

A mortgage calculator is defined as an automated tool which helps you to resolve the financial implications of fluctuations in one/more variables that is likely to come in case of a mortgage financing agreement. Some of the important variables are as follows-

  1. Balance in the loan and principal amount
  2. Cyclic interest rate
  3. Compound interest
  4. Total number of payments scheduled in a year
  5. Routine payment amount

Financial handheld calculators like Texas Instruments TI BA II Plus or HP-12C help in mortgage calculation. In addition to this, you will also find several online mortgage calculators as well as software programs that help you with mortgage and financial calculations. An online mortgage calculator helps you determine the total property that you can afford. Prior to providing the desired property to you, the lender generally compares your total debt load in a month and the total amount that you get in a month. With the help of a mortgage calculator you can add up your overall income that you receive in a month and finally compare this income with your debt payments scheduled for the same month. Over and above, a mortgage calculator also helps in prospective mortgage payment as well as other related housing expenses like homeownership dues, property taxes to name a few. You may test multiple interest rates and loan sizes. In general, lenders see to it that your debt payments don't exceed forty percent of your overall pretax income in a month. However, some lenders can help you with the loan amount even if your debt payments have exceeded fifty five percent of your total pretax income in a month.

Types of mortgage calculators

Given below are the different types of mortgage calculators that you can use to make a good home buying decision:
  • Mortgage payment calculator: You can use it to work out your monthly home loan payments.
  • PITI Calculator: It is similar to mortgage payment calculator but it allows you to enter insurance and taxes so that you can find out your monthly housing obligations.
  • Loan Prepayment Calculator: This helps you work out the amount you need to pay each month if you want to pay off your loan in advance.
  • Multipayment calculator: Helps you work out mortgage payments for three separate scenarios simultaneously.
  • Amortization schedule calculator: Helps you calculate your mortgage payments along with an amortization schedule.
  • Home equity loan/HELOC calculator: Helps you work out the amount of equity that is available to you.
  • Loan payoff calculator: Helps you determine the length of time it will require to pay off your loan.
  • Biweekly mortgage calculator: Adding extra to your mortgage payments helps you pay off the loan faster. A biweekly mortgage calculator helps you find out how soon you can pay off your loan if you make the payments once every 2 weeks rather than once every month.
  • Mortgage affordability calculator: This financial tool helps you ascertain how much mortgage you can afford to borrow.
  • Income qualification or required income mortgage calculator: Helps you find out how much your income should be for becoming eligible for the loan you need.
  • Loan comparison calculator: You can compare the monthly payments of adjustable rate loans and fixed rate loans to choose the loan that suits you.
  • Rent vs. buy calculator: Helps you find out whether renting or buying a home is right for you by comparing the costs of renting versus buying.
It can be safely concluded that a mortgage calculator is of real help to those who are willing to purchase a home but aren't quite sure of their affordability. So, if you too are thinking of buying one, make sure to opt for one prior to jumping into a conclusion

Mortgage Calculator

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