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Mobile Home Park Loans

Mobile home is the morphed legacy of motorized highway travel clasping the charismatic journey of life into a nutshell. But today mobile home provides convenient shelters to many families who do not want to spend much on housing or for people who love to live differently. But to own a mobile home or a mobile park you need mobile home park loans and to make the process smooth you need lucid understanding of mobile park home loan.

Mobile homes are built in factories and then are carried to the site where they are fixed to the ground. The sites are generally located in rural areas or high density developmental areas often referred to as mobile home parks in UK and USA. Mobile homes are usually transported by semi trucks over public highways. You can take a home loan to buy both the land (the mobile park or the trailer park) and the home or to purchase either the home or the park. But the eligibility criteria for mobile home park loans is different than traditional home loan.

The norms are as follows

1. The building standard of mobile homes must match up to the proposed norms of HUD regarding construction, design, heating, plumbing and such other things under the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety Standards Act of 1974.

2. The ownership right must be simple except when the ownership is a share in a co-operative association owning and operating the mobile park.

3. Mobile home park loans can only be taken to purchase a manufactured home when the land is owned by the borrower.

4. A specific level of credit score is required to get mobile home park loans.

5. After meeting these criteria you will get home loan on mobile park at affordable interest rate.

6. The page below broadcast the names and addresses of service providers of mobile home park loans.

7. Surf the pages of homeloanshub.com to know more about mobile home park loans.
Mobile Home Park Financing
Mobile Home Park Financing is a Barclay Associates forte. They consist of resourceful lenders who can easily structure a loan for your buying, refinancing or rehabilitating that specific mobile home park of your choice.
KC Capital
KC Capital provides advanced lending programs for mobile home parks. Their quality is defined by their strict prequalification process, belligerent underwriting and many more superior things making it a first rate choice for homeowners.
Mortgage Fit
Mortgage Fit is ready with a colossal tray of different types of loans including varieties of convenient mobile home loans.
MH Loans
MH Loans was established in 1995. The cornerstone of their corporate philosophy is better service with commitment. They offer a wide variety of manufactured home loans with competitive rates.

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