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Mobile Home Loans

Mobile home is a preferable option when you require to change your residential address too often. For some categories of home buyers who do not like to be traditional, the option of mobile home is the best alternative. Whatever be the reason of your choosing a mobile home, you need to know about the finance schemes that help you buy one. Furthermore you need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria before applying for Mobile home loans or finance schemes.

A mobile home comprises two components, one the home itself and the other the piece of land on which it stands. Mobile homes are manufactured usually in factories and are carried to the designated sites using trucks or trailers. At the site the mobile home is fixed to the ground and it remains fixed there as long as the owner does not want to move it to some other location. The loans are available for purchase of mobile home as well as for buying land. Mobile home loans with land help you buy the both. Moreover, you have option to choose between a fixed-rate mobile home loan and a floating-rate loan.

Below are some of the eligibility criteria you must follow in order to obtain mobile home loans:
  • The standard set by HUD under the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction & Safety Standards Act of 1974 must be followed.
  • Simple ownership is required. An exception to this is when ownership is shared or a co-operative association operates the mobile home park.
  • Specific credit score is a requisite criterion and it is also required that the loan taken must be used to buy or refinance a manufactured home.
The aforementioned criteria must be fulfilled in order to get a mobile home loan from a financing agency. You can further make use of mobile home calculator to compare interest rates and compute the monthly payment. Besides if you are facing problems of bad credit or poor credit, there are certain companies that have specialized schemes to cater to such group of people.

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All Purpose Mortgage
All Purpose Mortgage helps you find the best deal for your mobile home and offers a lot on other fronts too.
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H & H Home Financing LLC
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