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Mobile Home Loan Rates

Your mobile home is the incarnation of your dream in your stumpy budget. Mobile homes are manufactured in the factories, and then transported in semi trucks to the ground where they are affixed to the ground. Today’s mobile homes have hardly any similitude to the yesteryear’s tin cans on wheels. From every angle they match up to the traditional homes. But to buy, finance or refinance your mobile home you need to be well acquainted with mobile home loan rates.

Speaking of mobile home loan rates you can opt for two types of rates:-

  • fixed mobile home loan rate
  • variable loan rate on mobile home.
In a fixed mobile home loan rates the interest rate on the loan remains same throughout the entire term of the loan and you have to make a steady regular payment towards the principal and interest. In a variable loan rate on mobile home the interest rate is adjusted periodically based on an index. You can also buy down the interest rate. If we travel back to history we will see that mobile homes have been financed as personal properties, disregarding whether it is mortgage or not if your principal house is used as security you generally get tax deductions on your interest rate. You will get more tax benefits on the interest rate you are paying if the house is immobile and along with the house you own the underlying land too, which will transform your home loan to mortgage loan. But generally the manufactured homes carry a higher interest rate than conventional homes, one of the reasons being the incorporation of administrative fees in the interest rate which are paid upfront in a traditional home loan.

The page below unfurls the names and website addresses of the service providers providing mobile home loan rates.

Jog through the pages of homeloanshub.com to know more on mobile home loan rates.
MH Loans
MH Loans with their colossal array of loan programs is ready to answer any needs of in-park manufactured homeowners and homebuyers. You can choose from the broad range of loans with competitive rates including home loans, mobile home financing loans and mobile home refinancing loans.
Nevada Mortgage
If you are on a search for a mobile home or mobile home loan in Nevada, your search ends here. Nevada Mortgage is ready with an array of loan programs with reasonable rates for different needs.
Lending Hands Mortgage
With a team of local professional mortgage brokers and home loan experts Lending Hands Mortgage is ready to provide you assistance in finding out the best loans with best rates that will suit your home loan needs perfectly.
AAXA Discount Mortgage
AAXA Discount Mortgage provides high-quality double wide mobile home loan programs in 25 states including Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, California and other states.

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