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Mobile Home Land Loans

Many people opt for mobile homes to add on some spice of excitement to their living. But the thrill needs to be pretty grounded; I mean a ground to manifest itself. If you want to buy such excitement you need to have a thorough knowledge on mobile home land loan.

After you have bought your mobile home you need a ground to affix it, decide where you want to live, in a mobile park or in a land of your own. To get your mobile land home loan easily look for a loan that covers both the purchase of your mobile home and the land. You will get easy loan on mobile home land if you can put up your home as additional security than only the land.
Before buying a land see whether the land is equipped with all amenities like proper water supply, electricity and sewerage system. Also check with the local zoning ordinances guiding the setting up of manufactured homes. According to the HUD guidelines to be eligible for a mobile home land loan the mobile home must be your principal residence.

How to get a mobile home land loan?

However to get a mobile home land loan you need not have an already set up house. You can take construction loan which will cover the construction of the home along with the improvement of the land like setting up the septic system and like that. You can opt for a single wide mobile home land loan or a double wide mobile home land loan as per your choice of abode. So to make your dream a reality you need a detailed comprehension of loan on mobile home land.

The page below divulges the names and web addresses of the service providers providing mobile home land loan.

Amble through the pages of homeloanshub.com to know more on mobile home land loan.
Mobile Home Loans
Mobile Home Loans specializes in mobile home loans with an array of mortgage and chattel loans including singlewide or doublewide manufactured houses in mobile home parks or lands.
GTE Federal Credit Union
This service provider has an extensive platter of loan programs like auto loans, home equity loans including mobile home with land loans.
Allstate Mortgage & Loan
Allstate Mortgage & Loan presently initiates residential mortgage loans within the states of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. They offer homeowners and homebuyers a wide range of purchase and refinance loans.
Mountainside Financial
Mountainside Financial specialize in different mobile home financing and refinancing programs which are fitting to your varied financial and otherwise requirements. They offer loan on mobile home communities and also on land and homes separately.
Lending Hands Mortgage
Lending Hands Mortgage is determined to help you get the best loan deal for your mobile or manufactured home. They are well equipped with a team of experienced, professional and local mortgage experts.

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