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Mobile Home Financing

A mobile home adds a zing to your otherwise bland worldly life. But this lifestyle dynamism demands an apt prequel, a proper mechanism of mobile home financing. Your idea and thereby consequent application of home loan mobile financing will help you erect your dream home in the ground of reality.

Mobile homes refer to housing units which are built in factories. These housing units then are taken to the sites by semi trucks and are affixed to the ground. Then they are ready for occupation. For mobile home financing you can take mortgage loan to buy both the land and the mobile home or to buy either the home or the land. Mobile home loan financing are available as both fixed rate loan and variable rate loan. But to get mobile home loan you have to satisfy certain standards set up by the 1976 HUD code.
  • Firstly your ownership must be in a fee simple form except if the loan is taken for a lot which has a share in a co operative association which owns and operates the mobile park.
  • Secondly, the building and foundational standards of the mobile home must comply with the proposed standards of HUD under the Federal National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974.
  • The purpose of taking the loan must be to buy or to refinance only a manufactured home where the owner of the land on which the mobile home is to be situated is the borrower.
  • To get a mobile home loan the mobile home must be your principal residence. In case of a lot loan the mobile home must be fixed to the lot and must become your principal residence within six months of the date of the loan.
  • You must have an average credit score set up by HUD to avail mobile home loan.
  • For a good mobile home financing you must conform to the standards.
The page below uncovers a list of names and web addresses of service providers providing mobile home financing. Keep proceeding through the pages of homeloanshub.com to know more about mobile home financing.

MH Loans
With an expansive range of manufactured home loans to choose from with competitive rates and excellent service MH Loans is ready to answer any of your financial requirements.
Aaron Financial Services
Aaron Financial Services located in Memphis, Tennessee, serves mobile and manufactured homeowners nationwide. They provide loans to homeowners of both privately owned and leased land.
National Mobile Home Financing
National Mobile Home Financing which is located in Allentown, Pennsylvania is one of the biggest mobile home finance companies of the east coast. They boast of serving customers with low interest rate and low down payment.

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