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Mobile Home Finance Company

“Specificity” is the climax point where you reach through a generalized route, but the particular destination at the end of your common journey makes all the difference. The same thing clicks for mobile home finance company which you choose as your ultimate lender for your mobile home.

First let’s set out for the common journey, about mobile home loans before talking on mobile home finance company. You can take out a mortgage loan to purchase or to refinance your mobile home. Loan can be taken to buy both the land and the mobile home or to buy either the land or the mobile home. You can also use the equity on your mobile home to take loans for your various financial purposes. There are both fixed rate and variable rate mobile home loans; you can opt for any as per your needs. If you opt for a fixed rate mobile home loan you have to make steady regular payments throughout the entire loan term to pay off your debt. In case of variable rate interest mobile home loan your monthly payment will change with the change in interest rates, the calculation of which is based on an index. But whatever be your choice there is a set guideline of eligibility standards set by the 1976 HUD code regarding the foundational and building structure of your mobile home, purpose of the mobile home loan, residential criteria and credit score of the borrower. Now, about specifications, there are several companies who are ready with their wide arrays of loans, but you need to be cautious and meticulous in your choice of home mobile loan company.

The page below unfolds the names and website addresses of companies providing mobile home loan.

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JCF Acceptance
JCF Acceptance offers mobile home financing and manufactured home refinancing in 42 states including Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington and other states.
Georgia Prime Mortgage
Georgia Prime Mortgage is ready with their wide spectrum of mobile home loan programs to serve to your diverse financial needs, be it mobile home financing or mobile home refinancing.
Nationwide Financial Services
This company has a wide range of loan programs including mobile home loans, manufactured home loans, manufactured home financing, manufactured home refinancing, mobile home financing, mobile home refinancing and mobile home park loans.
AAXA Discount Mortgage
AAXA Discount Mortgage is one of the few companies who provide double wide mobile home loans. Presently this company provides mobile home loans in 25 states including California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Washington and other states.

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