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Mizuho Corporate Bank

Mizuho Corporate Bank is the banking division of Mizuho Financial Group, a Japanese financial giant. It has two branches in India, one in New Delhi and another in Mumbai.

About Mizuho Corporate Bank

Mizuho Corporate Bank was incorporated in 2002. It is the corporate and investment banking subsidiary of Mizuho Financial Group. Mizuho Financial Group is the second largest financial services provider in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, Mizuho Corporate Bank offers a wide array of financial services to cater to the needs of a huge clientele.

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd. (MHCB) was formed in April 2002 as a result of a merger between the corporate and investment banking division of Fuji Bank and Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank with the Industrial Bank of Japan. The bank is headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

In terms of market share, Mizuho Corporate Bank is one of the best corporate and investment banks in Japan. The bank is supported by the financial strength and trustworthiness of Mizuho Financial Group and it is a key player in the Japanese financial market. The bank has a capital base of JPY 1,404,065 million,

The bank is represented by Yasuhiro Sato, President & Chief Executive Officer. The brokerage division of Mizuho Corporate Bank, Mizuho Securities is a primary dealer in the treasury securities market of the United States. Mizuho Corporate Bank is affiliated to the Financial Futures Association of Japan and the Japan Securities Dealers Association.

Clients of Mizuho Corporate Bank

The bank principally deals with the following types of clients:

  1. Overseas Corporations (including Subsidiaries of Japanese corporations)
  2. Financial Institutions/Major Corporations
  3. National Governmental Public Sector Entities

International Branches of Mizuho Corporate Bank

The international branches of the bank are located in the following regions:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Nanjing and Xiamen (China)
  3. Seoul (South Korea)
  4. Mumbai and New Delhi (India)
  5. Manila (Philippines)
  6. Kuala Lumpur and Labuan (Malaysia)
  7. Kaohsiung, Taipei and Taichung (Taiwan)
  8. Singapore
  9. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (Vietnam)
  10. Bangkok (Thailand)
  11. Milan (Italy)
  12. Sydney (Australia)
  13. Düsseldorf (Germany)
  14. Paris (France)
  15. Bahrain
  16. London (United Kingdom)
  17. Moscow (Russia)
  18. Tehran (Iran)
  19. São Paulo (Brazil)
  20. Dubai (UAE)
  21. Mexico
  22. New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Houston (the United States)
  23. Toronto and Vancouver (Canada)

Products and services of Mizuho Corporate Bank

The varied range of products and services offered by Mizuho Corporate Bank includes the following:

Relationship Management

Financial Products

  1. Investment Banking and Custodial Services
  2. Real Estate Finance
  3. M&A Finance and Corporate Restructuring Business
  4. Securitization of Client Assets
  5. Syndication (Syndicated Loans)
  6. Bond Administrative Services
  7. Project Finance
  8. CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) Management Business

Market Products

  1. Sales and Trading
  2. Global Network
  3. Trading Based on Advanced Risk Management Systems

Financial Services

  1. Yen Custody
  2. Yen Clearing
  3. Mizuho Advanced Cash Management Services (CMS)
  4. Mizuho e-Business Site
  5. Mizuho e-Market Financial
  6. Mizuho Global CMS
  7. Mizuho Web-Answer Service
  8. "Super Receiver" Collection Services
  9. Best Receiver
  10. Mizuho PC Service: Code Master Download Service for Financial Institutions

Asset Management Services

  1. Asset Management Services
  2. Trust-Related Services
  3. Investment Trust-Related Services

Custody Services

  1. Japan Market Topics
  2. Mizuho Custody Newsletter
  3. Corporate Actions News
  4. Market Profile of Japan

Mizuho Corporate Bank Contact Details

Mizuho Corporate Bank
Head Office:

1-3-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8210, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)3-3214-1111

Mumbai Branch

Maker Chamber III, 1st Floor,
Jamnalal Bajaj Road,
Nariman Point, Mumbai, 400021 India
Tel: 91-22-2288-6638

New Delhi Branch

4th Floor, East Tower,
Sood Tower,
25, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110 001, India
Tel: 91-11-3041-0900