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Metlife Wholesale

Metlife wholesale is a department of the Metlife Bank and an entity of the Metlife home loan wholesale lending reverse mortgage program. Metlife home loans have now gone one step ahead after they the introduction of wholesale lending program. We will read more about it in this article.

Metlife Wholesale Mortgage Lending and Reverse Mortgage Program

Metlife wholesale mortgage means, the bank offers home loans product to its brokers. Then the brokers pass on these housing loans to its other customers at affordable interest rates. The Metlife home loan offers the brokers a complete package of FHA as well as VA mortgage loans. FHA is the federal housing administration or America and the VA is the Veteran administration. Both of these organizations work for the development of the housing sector and provide home loans to all. The HUD or the housing and urban development of the United States of America also works hand in hand with Metlife and the other two organizations mentioned.

Metlife Home Loan Wholesale

Metlife home loan wholesale is department that offers home loans on a wholesale basis. It has a number of brokers to whom housing loans are provided. These brokers then pass on the home finance to customers who wish to avail housing loan. The Metlife home loan wholesale department is a recent introduction in the Metlife bank. Since, its introduction, a number of brokers have been visiting the bank. You can either call the bank personally and find out details on reverse mortgage, lending rates etc or visit the bank at a nearest branch center.

The services that the brokers of Metlife home loan receive are as follows

1. Internet based loan management, submission and access
2. FHA Federal housing administration home loan sponsorships
3. VA Veteran Administration home loan sponsorships
4. Training on all the home loan products, so that the brokers are able to pass on relevant and complete information to the home loan borrowers
5. Promotion of Metlife home loan products

You can also download the application tool to read more on Metlife home loan wholesale products which is available on their official website. Apart from that, for more information you can log on to the link given below which would take you straight to the Metlife home loan wholesale website.

http://www.wholesale.metlifehomeloans.com/ .

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