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Metlife Bank

Metlife Inc or the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was established in the year 1868. The company is headquartered in Manhattan in New York city. It is the largest insurer in the United States of America and is a leader in offering other financial products and services to its customers. Apart from insurance and financial services it also excels in providing home loans, dental claims, auto/car insurance and so on. The Metlife Bank is a part of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and in the year 2008, the bank acquired First Horizon Home loans. It now calls itself the Metlife home loans. Metlife bank has grown since its inception to meet the changing demands and needs of the market. It is spread across 600 locations and has more than 50,000 financial advisors The Metlife foundation is today one the largest entity that grants all kinds of financial services to its customers.

Metlife in India

Metlife is one of India's fastest growing insurance companies that offers innovative products and services to its customers.. It assures that the customers live in peace across the country. Metlife India was established in the year 2001 and since then, it has grown to be the biggest financial advisor of banking products in India. Its head office or the corporate office is located in Bangalore and has around 192 offices in 132 cities of the country. Apart from insurance services (health insurance, car insurance, auto insurance) the bank also provides home loans to its customers. It also facilities online payment of dues such as home loans, credit card bills and other bills. It has branches in Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Noida, Mumbai and so on. The bank has opened a number of career opportunities in the financial sector and thus increased employment chances for the youth.

Metlife Bank Locations

Though the Metlife ltd is headquartered in New York, the Metlife bank, which is a part of the Metlife Inc is headquartered in Bridgewater, NJ. In order to avail its banking services such as home loans, or online banking you can log on to their official website and find a Metlife home loans relationship manager in your state. The bank's officials are present in Alabama, Arizona, California, Chicago, Alaska, Nevada, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kansas, Florida, Indiana, Delaware, Seattle, Colorado etc. The bank offers loans and mortgages for housing, refinancing, car loans or auto loans, insurance services and so on. The mortgage rates and the reverse mortgage rates can be found out by visiting their official website.

Metlife Online Banking Services

With the help of Metlife online banking services, you can now not only access your account online but also make payment and pay all your bills just by a click. In order to be eligible to login to the account online, you will need a valid login id and a password.

You can then enjoy the variety of banking services online. The online banking or the Internet banking system is completely safe and secure. There is no possibility of threat of information. In case of any doubt you can call the bank officials and solve all your queries. The bank executives operate from almost all over the world. This makes online banking more effective.

Careers at Metlife

Metlife bank offers a number of employment opportunities to all those interested in making a career in the financial sector. It generally calls for vacancies as a financial advisor, home loan relationship manager, customer service executive, sales representatives and so on. You can either login to your account to submit your resume or contact the bank directly and ask about the current openings with the bank. The bank offers careers in your area also. So, you can select the area you wish to work and the department you wish to join. Its recruitment program happens every 4 to 6 months, depending on the number of vacancies in the Metllife bank. For more on jobs with Metlife bank you can contact th concerned department directly.

Metlife Home Loans

Metlife home loans are the most popular products provided by the bank. Apart from providing insurance on house, health and car it also provides loans to acquire a house. It offers fixed and adjustable interest rates and a number of flexible products for all the first time home owners. The home loan officials educate the housing loan borrowers about all the home finance products, services and details of repayments. Metlife also provides a modification on a present loan taken. If the customer feels that a current loan is becoming a burden then he/she can get it modified with the help of the modification program. You can also access you home loan account, with the help of the online banking system. All you require is a login id and a password to sign in to your account. It also makes you pay the home loan dues online. In case of any complaints, you can contact the customer service department. Interested candidates can also apply for home loan careers and become a home loan specialist with the bank. You will have to fill up an application form available at the bank's branch. The bank would then fix up an appointment with you.

Metlife Mortgage Rates

The current mortgage rates provided by the Metlife bank 0.50% APY for $0 to 4,999; 1.00% APY for $5,000 to $9,999; 1.15% APY for $10,000 to $24,999 and 1.30% for $25,000 or more. The minimum balance that has to be kept in the account in order to avoid paying monthly charges is $1,500. For more details on the mortgage rates currently applicable you can contact the bank directly.

Metlife Customer Care

Metlife customer care or the Metlife customer service department is the department which looks in to problems faced by customers if any. The customer care number of Bangalore is +91 80 2650 2244. This department remains open 24x7 throughout the year so customers from all over the world can contact the customer service executive at any time. It also explains all the new products available to its customers. The toll free number of the bank in India is 1800 425 6969. This would be a toll free number if contacted from any part of India.

Metlife Bank Review

After having attained a topmost position in all kinds of insurance services, the Metlife bank has also proved itself by receiving a number of positive reviews by its customers. The bank gives its customers a feedback form to fill in. On the basis of the feedback given by the customers themselves, reviews on the bank's working structure, products and services are formed. Metlife bank has been one of the most preferred banks in the world and the credit goes to the management and working culture of the bank.

Contact address
MetLife Bank, N.A,
Central Operations,
501 Route 22 West,
Floor 1W,
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

For more information on the Metlife bank, you can call the bank at 1-800-369-2219 or can even log on to their official website: www.metlifebank.com .

Metlife Bank

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