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Metlife Home Loans

With over 200 retail offices and more than 1,300 mortgage consultants nationwide, Metlife is spread throughout the US. In the year 2008, the Metlife bank acquired the First Horizon Home Loans and ever since this acquisition the it is called as the Metlife home loans. The Metlife home loan serves a number of buyers who approach the bank for different services. Out of them, some are first time home buyers, some simply want to invest in to property and some might want to refinance an existing loan previously taken from a different financial institution. The Metllife home loan has solutions for all such customers whose wants are different. Metlife provides wide variety of Products and Services to its customers. Metlife home loans provides competitive rates, easy application process and great service. The various financing options that metlife home loans offer are:-

  1. Fixed-rate loans
  2. Adjustable-rate loans(ARMs)
  3. Flexible products for first-time homebuyers
  4. FHA and VA loans
  5. Reverse Mortgages
Metlife has a Wholesale division through which serves mortgage brokers and their clients.

Metlife Home Loan Interest Rates

Before availing a housing loan, it is always better to plan out all the present and future expenses in advance. The home loan borrower must keep in mind the affordable down payment charges, mortgage rates, reverse mortgage and the maximum possible monthly payment. The interest rates start from as low as 2.25% and goes on as the loan amount increases. The fixed rate of interest however remains constant till the very end of the home loan repayment. The adjustable rate of interest can be adjusted after every 6 months according to the budget of the customer.

Metlife Home Insurance

Metlife home insurance is available for landlords as well as renters. It provides coverage for your home and belongings of your home, in case of any Property damage due to lightening, smoke, fire and theft. The policy provide coverage for Property damage, belongings(furniture, clothes, electronic equipments etc) of your home and court fees and other liabilities. It provides 24 hours claim service

Metlife Home Loan Modification

Metlife home loans also offers several modification program to fit in to the requirements without much of a problem. The modification program modifies the housing loan previously availed and tailors it in a way that it suits the budget of the customer. Metlife home loan modification program has been introduced recently so that home finance does not become a burden on the borrower. Home loans are modified if a borrower is unable to pay the heavy interest rate and repayments. You will have to contact the bank officials personally if you wish to get your home finance modified.

Metlife Bank Online

The bank also has introduced an online banking system with the help of which home loans account can be accessed online. You can find out the required payments and pay the amounts online itself. The online banking has made life easier for the borrowers. All you need is to sign in to your account with the help of a login id and a password. The login id and password provided to each customer is unique and therefore there it does not leave out any chances of creating a confusion.

Metlife Home Loan Customer Service

The bank's customer service department handles customer's complaints if any, and solves it as soon as possible. For the Metlife bank, customer satisfaction is given top priority and no compromises are made in the same. The customer service of the bank is 1-888-638-6964. This number can be accessed at any time as the customer service department works round the clock. It gives you all the required information and puts and end to your searches.

Metlife Home Loan Complaints

Any complaints regarding Metlife loans, personal loans or home loans, or even the credit card or debit card issues are looked in to the same day and immediate action is taken to solve the customer's problems. A unique complaint number is given to the customer so that the executive can identify the problem and solve it as soon as possible. The bank strives its level best and sees to it that it recives as less complaints as possible.

Metlife Home Loan Reviews

Metlife home loan reviews are basically given out by the most satisfied customers of the bank. All the credit surely goes to the bank officials who take care of each customer in the most appropriate manner. Customers are also given a review form in which their experience with the bank is mentioned. Thus, the bank has received all positive reviews because of its care and dedication shown towards its customers. Metlife bank also offers exciting careers at the home loan department. It gives the qualified individuals a chance to apply for a number of home loan careers such as home loan specialist, customer care executive and so on. You may contact the bank for present openings and a career with the Metlife bank.

For any further information on Metlife home loans, modification, rates, online banking, mortgage rates, reverse mortgage rates or careers you can log on to the link given below
www.metlifehomeloans.com .

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