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Metlife Home Loan Modification

Metlife home loan modification is a special program offered by the Metlife Bank for all those customers who are not able to pay their earlier accepted rate of interest on housing loans. If the home loans that have been availed by you, becomes a burden, the bank modifies the same according to the customer's requirements.

Documents needed for applying for a Metlife home loan modification program
  1. An entire list of all your expenses, liabilities and debts; such as car loans, refinances, personal loans
  2. Your current salary slip
  3. Copy of your most recent tax return document
  4. In case of self employed individuals you will have to submit a recent profit and loss statement
  5. Copy of bank pass book

Once you have all the necessary documents you can call the bank's customer service department and speak to its home loan specialists. You can also mention the reason for getting a home loan modification and explain the circumstances briefly. Depending on your circumstances, the bank could offer a temporary reduction in payment, or change the interest rate applied. Metlife bank has tie ups with the FHA, VA and the HUD. All these are government owned housing authorities that provide housing solutions to everyone. The FHA is the Federal Housing Administration, VA is the Veteran Administration, HUD is the Housing and Urban Development.

The Metlife bank's customer service department number is 1-800-369-2219. In case you are interested in the modification program, you will have to call the concerned department and mention your home loan number. Every housing loan customer is given a unique home loan number at the time of application. The customer will be asked to be referred to this number at the time of his/her telephonic conversation. This home loan number is unique for each customer. However, after you mention the circumstances because of which you need to modify a loan, the home loan specialists will let you know the exactly suiting modification program on the same. The modification program can be mutually discussed between you and the Metlife home loan department.

For more information on Metlife home loan modification you can log on to their website. The link of the same is mentioned below:
www.metlifehomeloans.com .

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