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Metlife Complaints

Metlife complaints are registered by the Metlife complaint department which is also called as the customer service department. The bank makes sure that all the complaints are sorted out as soon as possible and does not leave anything pending. It also strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and leaves no stone unturned in making it possible. The customer service department of the bank works round the clock for 24 hours and assists its customers and solves all its complaints as soon as possible.

Metlife Complaint Department

The Metlife complaint department number is 1-800-607-0366. You can also make inquires on your application form submitted to the bank. You will have to mention your account number and the date on which the application form was submitted. The officials would then let you know about the application status. In case you have previously made a complaint, then the officials would require the complaint number. With the help of this complaint number, you would be given the required information.

It takes around three to four days for your complaint to be sorted out. You need not visit the bank personally. You may either send an email to the concerned department or call them at the number mentioned above. All the emails received by the bank are answered within 24 hours. However, after answering your email, the bank would also give you a call the same day. For the bank to call you, you will have to give your personal contact number in the mail sent to the bank. If you do not mention the personal contact number, the bank will only be able to reply via an email. So, it is better to mention your contact number and a suitable time when the bank officials can get in touch with you.

Metlife Home Loan Complaints

The bank follows proper ethics and works in a very conducive environment. Customer's satisfaction is number one priority for the bank and to achieve the same it tries its level best. There have been a number of home loan customers who have written and posted a number of reviews on the bank. The reviews are all on the positive side which leave a very good impression on prospective customers. The home loan customers are the most satisfied customers of the bank.

To know more about the Metlife complaint department, you can log on to the link given below: http://www.metlifehomeloans.com/CustomerService.aspx .

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