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Metlife Careers

Metlife careers are the perfect destination for all those eying on the financial industry. Metlife is the largest financial provider in the United States of America and has now has branches almost across the world. It offers a variety of career options to choose from. The recruitment process at the bank happens every six months. It invites applicants for variety of jobs such as financial analysts, home loan specialist, relationship managers, customer service officials, human resources and so on.

Metlife home loan careers

Metlife home loan careers means a career in the home loan department of the bank. You can apply for a home loan specialist or relationship managers with the bank. The job profile of a home loan specialist would be to assist all the prospective home loan availers and helping them in finding out the best housing loan suiting their budget and requirements. They would be even required to visit the home buyers personally at a mutually convenient time on a mutually convenient day. The customer is given the first choice of choosing the desired location. This can be the customer's work place or his/her house. The relationship manager would be responsible for maintaining a good and a positive relation with the customer. After a customer selects a home finance for his/her house, the relationship manager would get in touch with the customer and guide him/her through his/her entire home loan journey. In case the customer is in doubt the it is the duty of the relationship manager to assist the customer in the same.

Metlife Careers India

The Metlife bank has its headquarters in Bangalore but has branches spread across in many states. In India, Metlife bank offers careers in the sales department, customer service department, insurance department, finance department, human resources department and so on. For current vacancies you will have to visit the Metlife bank's Indian website. The careers section on the website would give you full details on the present vacancies and the number of positions vacant since a long time. The bank would conduct an entrance examination and a personal round of interview as part of their selection process. The final candidates would then be informed by the HR officials of the bank.

For more information on Metlife home loan careers you can log on to the link given below:
http://www.metlife.com/careers/ .

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