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LIC Home Loan Emi Calculator

LIC believes in offering high-tech facilities to its customers like the LIC HOME LOAN EMI CALCULATOR available on its website wherefore the home loan seeking customers can go and calculate the prospective amount they will have to pay off towards the repayment of their home loan. The EMI calculator is a key tool available online as it provides the loan applicant with a convenience of checking out if he/she can avail a particular loan amount and repay the same thereafter in form of the Equated Monthly Installments. LIC home loan EMI calculator enables the loan seeker to get a rough idea about how much amount of loan he/she can avail and can repay the same thenceforth. In order to identify the amount of monthly installment the loan applicant would have to pay, one has to submit the following details:
  1. Amount of loan - The loan amount is the amount of money which the loan applicant intends to borrow as part of the home finance.
  2. Term of the loan - This includes the repayment tenure one opts for in order to pay back the loan acquired. The period to repay the loan can range from anywhere between 1 to 20 years.
  3. Interest rate - This is the rate at which the lic home loan applicant has to pay the monthly installment for acquiring the home loan amount. One can procure the information on rate of interest from the nearest LIC area office.


  • Step 1. Feed in the amount of loan you want to borrow in the 'LOAN AMOUNT REQUIRED' section of the calculator.
  • Step 2. After that feed the duration for which you want to acquire the loan in 'REPAYMENT TERM REQUIRED' section.
  • Step 3. Then enter then rate of interest you opt for to repay the loan in the 'INTEREST RATE' section.
  • Step 4. Now click the 'CALCULATE' button and you will get the amount of EMI you will have to cough up to pay off your loan.
Note: If you feel any particular loan scheme is not suitable for you then you can always click the 'RESET' button and enter the desired amount, loan period and rate of interest.

Most often people seeking the home loan are clueless about the intricacies of the home loan sector and thus get confused in picking the right home loan scheme as pre-calculated EMIs are inaccurate and erroneous.

The online EMI calculator gives the home loan applicant with an free of cost tool to examine various housing finance options with different amount, loan tenure or the interest rate available to him and so can arrive to the best choice that suits his individual needs.

To avail the LIC HOME LOAN EMI CALCULATOR log on to the website: www.lichousing.com

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