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ING Vysya Bank

ING Vysya Bank is a leader in the Indian retail banking industry. The bank is headquartered in Bangalore and offers a range of personal and business banking products and solutions.

About ING Vysya Bank

ING Vysya Bank was founded in 2002 when the ING Group acquired the business of Vysya Bank Ltd. ING Group is a global financial giant. Vysya Bank Ltd. was a commercial bank which was founded in 1930. The goal was to provide banking services to the underprivileged people. Vysya Bank received the status of a scheduled bank in 1948.

After the acquisition by the Netherlands-based ING Group, ING Vysya Bank currently has 441 branches throughout India. As of 31st March, 2009 ING Vysya Bank has 28 satellite offices, 37 extension counters and 351 ATMs across the country. The bank's head office is in Bangalore. Furthermore, the bank has Internet banking and phone banking services for its customers. With ING Vysya Internet banking facility anyone can check his account status and also can do online transanctions fast and easily. The user has to only login by entering his id. Another feature is Mi-remit Service according to which, NRIs or those living in USA can easily send money to their friends or relatives in India. There are also other important features of ING Vysya bank limited. One can also get assistance from customer service of ING Vysya bank Limited in case of any query or doubt.
ING Vysya Life Insurance offers a platform of financial security and stability to the customers as well as their family in case of any crisis. The ING Vysya Insurance includes various products like children plans, savings plans, retirement plans, investment plans, riders, insurance schemes and mutual funds.

ING Vysya launched life insurance business in 2001. The bank is efficiently led under the able stewardship of the Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Shailendra Bhandari.

ING Vysya Bank products and services

The diversified range of products and services of ING Vysya Bank is described below:


Accounts & Deposits

  1. Orange Saving
  2. Savings
  3. Aspira Corporate Salary Solution
  4. Advantage Salary
  5. Solo
  6. Orange Salary
  7. General
  8. Saral
  9. ING Formula Savings Account
  10. Freedom

Current Accounts

  1. Advantage Current
  2. Orange Current
  3. Comfort Current
  4. General Current

Term Deposits

  1. Cumulative Deposit
  2. Fixed Deposit
  3. Tax Advantage Deposit
  4. Akshaya
  5. Demat Account


  1. Home Equity Loan
  2. Home Loan
  3. Education Loan
  4. NRI Loan
  5. Model Policy

Private Banking

Wealth Management

  1. Health Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Wealth Management process
  4. Investment Products

NRI Services

Accounts and Deposits


  1. NRO Savings Account
  2. NRE Savings Account


  1. NRO Current Account
  2. NRE Current Account


  1. NRO Fixed Deposit
  2. NRE Fixed Deposit
  3. NRO Akshaya Deposit
  4. NRE Akshaya Deposit
  5. NRO Cumulative Deposit
  6. NRE Cumulative Deposit


  1. FCNR Fixed Deposits
  2. FCNR Akshaya Deposits


  1. RFC Fixed Deposit
  2. RFC Savings Account
  3. NRI Home Loan
  4. RFC Akshaya Deposit
  5. Mi-remit
  6. Remittances
  7. Funds Transfer cheques/TCs/DDs
  1. Wire/Telegraphic Transfers
  2. ATM
  3. Access Points
  4. Self Banking
  5. Net Banking
  6. SMS Banking


  1. Debit Card
  2. ING Gold Credit Card

Easy Banking

  1. mi-b@nk
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Mobile Banking
  4. Phone Banking
  5. Payment Services
  6. ATM Kiosks

Electronic Funds Transfer

  1. NEFT
  2. RTGS
  3. Smartserv
  4. Bill Pay
  5. Doorstep Banking Service
  1. Collection Service
  2. Cheque Collection Policy
  3. Important Policies
  4. Safe Deposit Locker Policy
  5. Compensation Policy



  1. Business Loans Rent
  2. Business Loans- MPower BLT
  3. Business Loans (Small Scale Industries) -MPower SSI
  4. Business Loans (Small Scale Industries) - CGTSI
  5. OTS for MSMEs
  6. MPower Business Account


  1. Short term Loan
  2. Term Loan

Wholesale Banking

  1. Emerging Corporates
  2. Corporate & Investment Banking
  3. Banks & Financial Institutions Group
  4. Credit Products & Structured Finance
  5. Local Debt Syndication, Investment Banking and Securitisation
  6. Offshore Borrowings
  7. Cash Management Services
  1. Trade & Commodity Finance
  2. Market Making and Trading
  3. Financial Market
  4. Financial Market Sales
  5. Asset Liability Management
  6. Research and Analysis

ING Vysya Bank Contact Details

ING Vysya Bank Limited
9A, 2nd Floor, C Wing
Laxmi Towers,
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra East
Mumbai - 400 051

Tel: +91 22 4061 6000


ING Vysya Bank Ltd


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