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IDBI Home Loan Calculator

IDBI home loan provides a number of assistances to its borrowers and potential customers of home loans by giving out a simple tool in determining their the amount required for home finance. This tool is the Home loan calculator which helps you to calculate the EMI on the amount required. With the start of IDBI home loan calculator, the job of calculating the EMI amount has been made easier. With the help of IDBI bank home loan calculator, the EMI which is the Equated Monthly Installment can be calculated just by a click. The home loan calculator is available online which is very easy to use and understand. The rate of interest as well as the loan term can be found out using this home loan calculator. It provides results instantly and also gives you an idea of the amount of loan and interest rate that would suit you. It also helps in getting a rough estimate of the loan amount and interest rates.

IDBI Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

The three important things you must be aware of are,
  • The home loan amount required
  • The rate of interest payable and
  • The period (in years) till which the loan is needed.

Once you click on the calculate button you will get the following result
  1. Total amount along with interest rate charged
  2. Flat rate of interest per month
  3. Flat rate of interest per year
  4. Total interest amount
  5. Annual interest amount

EMI can be of two types: EMI in advance and EMI in arrears. Lets look at them one by one.

EMI in advance: This EMI is payable at the starting period of loan at the beginning of every month. This is also called Front loaded EMI

EMI in arrears: This EMI is payable at the end of every month. This is also called Rear-Ended EMI.

The interest rate calculated is on the outstanding balance on a monthly basis at 1/12 of the annual rate of interest.

Steps to use the IDBI Bank home loan calculator
  1. Enter the loan amount which you wish to avail
  2. Enter the interest rate
  3. Enter the loan term (in months)
  4. Click on the button “Calculate”
To calculate the IDBI bank home loan EMI amount, click on the follow the link given below http://www.idbi.com/products/homeloan_emicalculator.asp

Home Loan Calculator

The installment will not include any processing fee or charges which are applicable as per the rules of finance providing Authorities.
Loan Amount: :
Rate of interest (%) :
Time in Years :
Processing Fee(optional) :
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