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With the recent surge in the real estate market many mighty gladiators has entered the market with their dazzling armors to make the leap more spectacular. One such name who has contributed immensely in this growth is ICCI. Even in the fields of personal loans ICCI Home Loans has helped the residential housing sector climb higher in the economic scale of improvement.

ICCI Home Loans ensures that you get your loan with the least of pestering anomalies along with attractive packages. The home loans offered by ICICI are home purchase loan, home construction loan, home improvement loan, home equity loan and there is part floating part fixed home loan, which is dual plan under which you can book part of your loan under a fixed rate plan and the other part under a floating rate plan. This loan serves you with twofold advantages; on the one hand you can avoid the unfavorable changes in the interest rate and on the other hand can take advantages of favorable changes in the interest rates. With home loans provided by ICICI you will get multitude of other benefits like
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Hassle free documentation process
  • Sanction of loan even before selecting a property
  • You will get personal accident insurance for free
  • Several insurance options at good premium rates for your home loan
  • Facility of doorstep service
To get ICICI Home Loans you must fulfill certain eligibility criteria (these norms are applicable to all resident Indians seeking ICICI Home Loans)
  • The borrower must be of 21 years of age
  • The termination of the loan term must be before the completion of your 65 years of age or earlier or before your retirement, whichever is earlier.
  • The borrower must be employed or self employed with a regular source of income.
If you are an NRI there is a wide variety of ICICI home loan products customized to your specific needs. Other than home loans ICICI has a huge range of retail and corporate products in offer.

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