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ICICI Home Loan Calculator

ICICI Bank believes in providing all possible assistance to its customers and in order to make the task of the potential ICICI Bank home loan customers easy the bank provides two very valuable tools that might prove to be beneficial in determining their home loan. ICICI bank home loan has made the task of EMI calculation effortless for its customers has come up with ICICI home loan calculator. All one requires is to be aware of the loan amount one requires and opt for the rate of interest. It also gives a rough estimate of amount payable towards installments and his/her capacity to avail and repay the loan amount. If the loan applicant has an idea of the amount of loan, interest rate and the term for which he wants to acquire the loan. Moreover, one doesn't even have to pay for any type of fee or any amount as part of charges for using the EMI calculator. He is eligible to avail a loan ranging from INR 5 lakhs to INR 1 crore. Customer can avail loan and can choose between floating rates or fixed rates. If he wishes he can also switch over one loan to another. Following are the two key tools offered by the ICICI Home loans for computing the monthly installments:

Fixed Rate Home Loan EMI Calculator

Customers willing to apply for Fixed home loan rate can utilize this tool for calculating the amount of loan they might have to cough up as part of the equated monthly installments for the amount of loan they require. The Fixed Rate Home loan EMI calculator too is applicative only for the resident Indians. In fixed rate loan optons, the interest rate is fixed over the total loan period. One requires to enter the loan amount, loan term and the interest rate and can thus compute the EMI amount he/she needs to pay out.

Adjustable Rate Home Loan EMI Calculator

This tool helps the customers who have applied for adjustable home loan rate to compute the amount of their equated monthly installments if you are aware of the amount of loan you require and the term for which you want to acquire the loan and the applicable rate of interest. In order to compute the amount of the EMI one is required to feed the details like - loan amount required, loan tenure in terms of years, scheme, interest rate(in percentage) and click on submit and then the EMI amount is flashed on the screen. In adjustable rate loan option, the rate is reset at every quarter w.r.t the existing PLR rate. The Adjustable Rate Home Loan EMI calculator is applicative only for the resident Indians.For any queries you can cal on Icici home loan customer care toll free number: 1800-22-4848

Apart from these calculators ICICI bank comes up exchange rate calculator to ease conversions while tranfering money. In order to use the ICICI home loan calculator you can click on the link http://www.icicibank.com/pfsuser/icicibank/ibank-nri/nrinewversion/rates/calculators.html

Home Loan Calculator

The installment will not include any processing fee or charges which are applicable as per the rules of finance providing Authorities.
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