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HUD FHA Home Loans

HUD FHA home loans are federal government agencies whose main aim is to provide housing loan to all the people in the United States of America. HUD is the housing and urban development of America and FHA is the federal housing administration. Both these organizations, work for the betterment of the housing sector in USA. They provide affordable housing solutions to the low and middle level income group people. It has remained a fact since time immemorial, that, the rich and the elite find no problems in locating a house for themselves and buying the same. However, the people belonging to the weaker sections of the society like the lower income group are sometimes not able to afford the high rate of interest charged by other financial institutions. In order to make housing a stress free procedure the HUD FHA home loans are merged together.

FHA HUD Home Loans

HUD is a housing department and FHA is an approved loan lender. The HUD FHA home loans means, loans given by the FHA which is approved by HUD. The HUD was created in the year 1937 and ever since then, it is striving to provide home finance and housing solutions to all. The HUD sells both, single family houses as well as multi family homes. You can choose the house depending on the requirement of your family. The FHA HUD home loans conducts a number of programs with the federal housing administration such as:
  1. Community planning and development
  2. Public housing
  3. Single family housing
  4. Multi family housing
  5. Fair housing
  6. Health care facility loans
The FHA was created in the year 1934 and it became a part of the housing and urban development in the year 1965. The purpose of creating FHA was that, around three million construction workers had become unemployed after losing their current jobs. Rigid terms and conditions were applied on all those who wanted to apply for a home finance. The housing sector was really bad in the US as the ratio of home owners was only three out of 10. The rest lived at rented homes paying heavily for house rent. Thus, since the merger of both the organizations, the HUD and the FHA it has it has provided insurance to more than 35 million homes in America. The HUD FHA home loans have changed the shape of American housing sector making it the best housing market in the world.

To know more on the FHA HUD home loans you can log on their website:
http://www.hud.gov/offices/hsg/fhahistory.cfm .


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