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Home Loans in Kolkata

Finding a dream home in Kolkata is not a difficult task at all. You will find several accommodations at nominal rate in Kolkata. You will find suitable houses and flats at quite a cheap rate in the ?city of joy? or in outskirts of Kolkata. You can opt for a property on the banks of the Ganges or on a busy avenue that is well connected with the hub of the city and business areas. Home loans in Kolkata makes your job easier to buy or build a property in Kolkata, as it helps in getting the requisite amount of money to get the dream house of yours.

You can get home loans in Kolkata of an amount of Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 1,00,00,000. From 80% to 80 % of the total cost of renovating or building the property or buying the property can be got as loan from the banks or the insurance companies. Some of the banks and insurance companies provide the recipient with the amount of Registration and Stamp duty, while the others do. The loan term is stretched to either at the age of 70 or up to 20 years of the retirement age, whichever is earliest.

The security of the loan can be either one guarantor or equitable mortgage of flat or house.

Loans can be received against any existing or new policy. ICICI bank, HDFC and HSBC offers home loans in Kolkata at easy Equated Monthly Installments. This way your dream of possessing a nice property in Kolkata becomes true.

ICICI or the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India is presently among the largest home loan providing companies in India. Housing loans offered by ICICI are available at lower interest rates, ICICI Home finance has the facility to provide insurance for the property as well. Moreover loan is available at a low premium amount as well. ICICI housing finance allows its customers to select from Fixed Rate Home Loan, Adjustable Rate Home, Smartfix Home Loan, Part fixed & Part Floating Rate Home Loan and Money Saver Home Loan.

HDFC or Housing Development and Finance Corporation offers housing loans to its valued customers according to their individual needs. Moreover HDFC provides its customers with loans at attractive & reasonable interest rates. HSBC bank also offers Home loans in Kolkata at an easy EMI rate.

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