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Current Home Loan Interest Rates

Current home loan interest rates are the prevailing rates offered by leading banks in a particular geographical region. Home loan rates do not remain the same for a long time but change too often depending upon the extent and dimension of change in the factors affecting these. As a result, one willing to avail home loan features of a particular lending institution must be aware of the current rate of the financial assistance it provides for housing purposes.

Moreover, to render your desire into reality you can’t build a castle on air, you need real up dates to build your little castle on this very earth. So to translate your airy dream into brick mortar reality you need to remain updated on current home loan interest rate. If you have a dormant plan of buying a home with a loan then you must know well about current interest rate on home loan.

There can be many types of home loans, the three most common being home equity loan, home purchase loan and home refinancing loan. The most preferred loan by the consumers is the home equity loan because the equity one have in their home is one of the best sources of funds available. This home equity loan can be in the form of a Home Equity line of Credit (HELOC) or in the form of Stand Alone Second Mortgage. Whatever loan you take, to tap the potential advantages of the top home loans you need to keep yourself posted on current home loan interest rate.

Current Home Loan Interest Rates in India

There are many banks and lending institutions in India which offer home loans at attractive rates. However, the interest rates offered by them vary according to the loan products and terms. You may also find differences in the interest rates of similar kinds of home loan products when taken from different banks. The current home loan interest rates in India are as follows:
  • HDFC: 8.75-9.5 percent at floating rate
  • Canara Bank: 8-8.75 percent at floating rate
  • SBI: 8 percent at fixed rate
  • LIC Housing Finance: 8.75-9.50 percent at fixed rate and 8.9 percent at floating rate
  • Axis Bank: 8.75-9.25 percent at fixed rate and 14 percent at floating rate
  • Dena Bank: 8 – 8.5 percent at fixed rate
  • PNB: 8.5 percent at fixed rate
  • ICICI Bank: 8.75-9.25 percent at fixed rate and 16 percent at floating rate

Current Home Loan Interest Rates Australia

A large number of banks are there in Australia which offer home loans at reasonable rates. The interest rates are not the same for all the banks.

We present here a list of some of the top banks of Australia along with their current home loan interest rates.
  • ANZ: 6.06 – 7.74 percent
  • Bendigo Bank: 6.15 – 7.79 percent
  • Commonwealth Bank: 5.99 – 7.78 percent
  • HSBC: 5.99 – 7.80 percent
  • Adelaide Bank: 5.64 – 8.64 percent
  • Westpac: 6.06 – 7.84 percent
  • St George Bank: 6.04 – 7.79 percent
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